Crowne Rules By CD Reiss

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Crowne Rules: Forced Proximity Standalone By CD Reiss


Book/Novel Author: CD Reiss

Book/Novel Title: Crowne Rules

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Years ago we spent seven minutes in heaven, locked in a closet. Now Dante Crowne and I are hidden away in his remote cottage. And he wants much more than seven minutes. He wants everything.***All I needed was a place to hide from the paparazzi. My best friend has just the place. No Internet. No phone. A deep bathtub I’m soaking in when HE shows up.My best friend’s brother–broody, solitary Dante Crowne. Rich as a cardinal sin and handsome enough to piss off the devil. A man with a reputation for unforgettable bedroom games. And after those seven minutes in a closet, I can tell you they’re all true. His first instinct is to kick me out, but the memory of those seven minutes inspires him to make me an offer.If I want to stay, I have to work.If I make a mistake, I’ll be corrected with pink hand prints on my backside.That’s the deal. I can beg for it or leave it.I’m not sure which of us is more surprised when I get on my knees. Even more shocking? How much I like his punishment.But we can’t stay in paradise forever. Los Angeles awaits.And when an old nemesis sets his sights on tearing us apart, Dante may be the one left begging.

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