Crushing on My Father’s Best Friend By Austin Bates

Crushing on My Father’s Best Friend (Second Chance Lovers #1) by Austin Bates

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Book/Novel Author: Austin Bates

Book/Novel Title: Crushing on My Father’s Best Friend

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I can’t love him. It’s not allowed. Twenty years ago, I made a promise. If anything ever happened to Marc – my best friend – I’d step up and take care of his wife and baby son. I never thought I’d have to honor it. Never even dreamed that something would happen to him. He was an unyielding presence in my life. Always solid. Always there. And now he’s dead. Murdered in cold blood. His wife, Lindy, is holding in there. But his son, Mason, isn’t coping very well at all. It’s gotten so bad that he may have to postpone his final semester of university. All I want to do is look out for him, and having me around seems to help. But I have a secret. It’s more than grief. Mason wants me – the way an omega wants their alpha. And heaven help me, but I want him, too. I’m so sorry, Marc. I love your son. And now I don’t know what to do. Crushing On My Father’s Best Friend is a dual point of view, contemporary mpreg novel featuring a guaranteed happy ending and the healing that comes through the power of love. The first in its series, this title can be read as a standalone book.

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