Cuff’s Enchainment By Ciara St James

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Cuff’s Enchainment (Tenillo Guardians AIMC Book 5) By Ciara St James


Book/Novel Author: Ciara St James

Book/Novel Title: Cuff’s Enchainment



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Cuffs never expects that a rescue of some women will lead him to finding the woman he thinks he could spend the rest of his life with. She’s everything he doesn’t know he’s looking for. However, things are never simple. Her horrific experience has him trying to tiptoe around her. He’s working to wait until she’s ready to let a man into her life. He knows she needs time to heal.Only he can’t keep his mouth shut, when she decides to do something he thinks is too dangerous. He confesses his feelings for her too soon and she pulls away. This has him welcoming a trip out of state. He needs to have some distance from her and how she makes him feel. Imagine his surprise, when his president sends her to help with his investigation.Kinslee is trying to work through the terrible ordeal she went through. She just wants to get on with her life and these feelings Cuffs brings to life in her are confusing. How can she ever let a man touch her again? In her attempts to push those thoughts away, she pushes Cuffs away.An unexpected trip to Tennessee to work with another club, one which she has an unexpected connection to, puts her right in Cuffs’ path again. Only this time, he’s not willing to walk away. As they battle outside enemies looking to wreak the same havoc as the men who’d hurt her, Kinslee finds the strength to let Cuffs into her life and heart as she battles her inner demons. It won’t be easy and there’s more enemies than they ever expected, but they will battle to the end.She’ll have to accept that this man owns her heart and he’ll have to accept that this woman has his heart in chains. Ones that he never wants to break. He’s perfectly content with Cuffs’ Enchainment for the rest of his life.WARNING:This book is intended for adult readers. It contains coarse language, adult situations, discusses events such as stalkers, assault, torture and murder that may trigger some readers. Sexual situations are graphic. There is no cheating, no cliffhanger and it has a HEA.
Cuff’s told Kinslee that he wanted her, her loved her and he has been biding his time letting Kinslee take the time she needs to heal. Kinslee though feels she is not worthy of Cuff’s attention, she was made to do things that no woman should have to do. When Cuff’s leaves out of town, he doesn’t realize that Kinslee is going to be part of the operation they are doing into hunting down the sex traffickers that have been taking women. With Cuff having one on one time with Kinslee, will he finally be able to convince her she is it for him? This one through me for a loop. I liked the build up but then Kinslee kind of surprised me and I ended up having mixed feelings about the story. Overall good story, I liked that it had another club venture in who I am a big fan of those stories. Looking forward to the next book.
It’s wonderful to read about these men finding what they never thought or finally found their soul mates. It was great to see that Kinslee was able to get out of her own way to except the man of her dreams Cuff .Loved It
This should be 5 stars, but I just couldn’t let the fact that the name is wrong in the book title go. Throughout the actual story he is called “Cuffs”, not “Cuff”. Therefore, the title should have been “Cuffs’”. I do NOT consider this to be a STAND-ALONE read. That is because there are two series, written in tandem by two authors, about two different MCs, that unite together to tell the readers about Tenillo, Texas. For maximum reader satisfaction, to prevent spoilers, and for immersion in the dynamic world building, these need to be read in order, alternating every other series. For example, it begins with Boss from the Time Served MC, then Sin’s Enticement from Ares’ Infidels MC series, then back to the Time Served MC, and so forth. Other reasons these should be read in the recommended order include multiple reoccurring characters, past and concurrent timelines, and overarching themes. Cee and Ciara are working in tandem to weave stories about men and women that are determined to clean up and save their city from coercion, drugs, blackmail, human trafficking, murder and whatever other nefarious crimes are being committed in the shadows. These men and women do not fund their lifestyles with illegal activities, so they are not like the stereotypical bikers normally featured within this genre. These series combine to build a dynamic and ever changing story universe with each new reveal, but with two distinct styles. This has made it more interesting for me and I for one am looking forward to the next in the series. ** If you have not read the previous stories in the series, the following may contain spoilers. There are numerous topics that are potential triggers for sensitive readers, so please review the examples listed below ** ⛔️ Contains references to, or scenes detailing, subject matter that may be a trigger or offensive to some, including: adult language; derogatory terms; mental health challenges including PTSD, suicide, anxiety, depression, etc.; steamy adult intimate scenes with dominance, submission, restraints, spanking for pleasure, “bottom” play, etc.; violence such as kidnapping, abduction, murder, death, torture, assault, fighting, betrayal, coercion, blackmail, threats, subterfuge, money laundering, gun running, cheating, prostitution, human trafficking, mafia / cartels, drug use, drug manufacturing, drug distribution, as well as the mental, physical and sexual abuse of adults and children, etc. ** Caution: Contains scenes with reference to, or detailed graphic scenes involving mental health issues up to and including suicide, as well as violence against adults and children that fit into the storyline, but may be a trigger for some ** There are several grammatical issues, with more of them occurring in the latter part of the story. These include incorrect word choice (I.e. finger iso figure, etc), incorrect punctuation errors (missing quotation marks, etc.), missing words, and extra inserted words. I am mentioning these for readers such as myself that visualize the story as it is read, because errors interrupt the flow. The majority of this story occurs in the past and includes details of what occurred when Cuffs, Kinslee, Rampage and Talon traveled to Tennessee to work with another MC. They worked with them to investigate people and locations used by the human trafficking ring.
As all ways another great read. Can not say enough about this book. Can not wait to see what happens in the next one. Please keep them coming.
I loved this book. I got so caught up in the story didn’t want to put it down until it was finished.
Love the character depth of everyone. Great reading on a cold snowy day. Hard to put down once I started reading. H


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