Cultivating Chaos 3 By William D. Arand

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Cultivating Chaos 3 (VeilVerse: Cultivating Chaos) By William D. Arand


Book/Novel Author: William D. Arand

Book/Novel Title: Cultivating Chaos 3



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(Book 3 of 9)Ash’s life is anything but normal these days.Having discovered his Dao, he’s grown in power. Grown to the point that others are now aware of him and that he could be a danger.In this world of martial arts, only the strong and the ruthless survive.Everyone else is merely a stepping stone on their path of Cultivation, or an obstacle to be overcome.Or knocked down.It’s a world where the strong rule, and the weak die.Utilizing the Hall, the voice in his head that calls itself Locke, those who have aligned with his faction, and all the powers available to him, Ash has begun his own journey of Cultivation.Except that as a Fated One, his journey is a narrow and winding path between two cosmic forces. Each one vying for dominance.That doesn’t even take into account the royal family or the Realm Lord.This is his third step in his life as a Cultivator.Overcoming his first tribulation, and solidifying his Dantian.This is a VeilVerse novel.
I really like the thought process of this universe, story line. I can’t wait for the next book to come out!
Wow, what a cliffhanger. Really enjoyed the 3 books in this series as l love the qi cultivation as well as the martial arts aspects. They support a strong storyline as most of the author’s books have consistantly done. My only issue is remembering all the (female) characters and how they came into his orbit. Although in this book there was only 1 new female character, Ju to keep track of. All said, lve become a fan of William Arand’s writing having read almost all of his trilogies (just 2 left to read). Keep up the good work!
Read it so you can remember this moment Another thrilling installment to the Veilverse. WDA does an exceptional job in enticing a salivation for ever subsequent sequels.
It gets better and better the more you read. I can’t wait for the next half dozen books to continue reading
Enjoying hearing watching observing ashes growth and his ladies which is even more important just it does jump ahead a little bit in his growth a little too fast but understandable
I like reading about a strong MC that when threatened doesn’t hesitate to destroy their enemies. To many MC are weak willed and makes for an aggravating read.


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4.9/5309 ratings