Cyborg By Imogene Nix

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Cyborg: Redux (21st Testing Protocol Book 1) by Imogene Nix


Book/Novel Author: Imogene Nix

Book/Novel Title: Cyborg

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For the evil that reigns, there is only the honest left to fear. Clarissa was an ordinary nanny until Dr. Jeremy Colvert turned her into a bio-cybernetic freak. Now she’s on the run, and an act of kindness might be her undoing. When Michael met Clarissa everything in his world changed…again. Since the accident that nearly killed him, he too is a freak—a mixture of cyborg and man. Now they’re hiding from those out to get them, and the aim to shut down Dr. Colvert’s experimentation isn’t exactly going as planned. Love might have bloomed, but there’ll be no future if they can’t save each other. Content Warning: this story contains sexual content and violence, but most of all hope

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