Cyrus By Pandora Snow

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Cyrus: M.E.D.I.C.S.: A Steamy Instalove Military Medical Romance By Pandora Snow


Book/Novel Author: Pandora Snow

Book/Novel Title: Cyrus

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Lauralynn was on her hands and knees when I first kissed her. She sets my pants and heart on fire. So how do I choose between her love and my moral obligation to fulfill a covert mission? 

Every aspect of my life has been painstakingly scrutinized to ensure ultimate success. Starting a relationship is out of the question. 

That’s the price I’m willing to pay for perfection. At least that’s the B.S. I keep telling myself. The squad thinks my life is charmed.

“How’s the fancy pants job, Cyrus? You rich yet?” Snake is a smartass through and through.

“Hell yes. Want to see my Audi R8 parked out front, the one with the hot girl inside?”

I smile internally at the recollection of my sparring match this morning with Lauralynn. Women think they’re always right.

“Your gas line is too short!” she exclaimed.

“Your stove is too big!” I retorted.

Lord have mercy.

I love a confident, sexy well-bottomed woman. I don’t tolerate a disrespectful or condescending attitude towards them. 

Her father has crossed the line twice, her aristocratic breeding ensuring compliance to him.

In the army, we’re expertly trained to smell a rat. My anger is rising that not only is he involved in the million-dollar equipment heist last night, but he organized the crime.

And I’m being set up to take the fall.

The honor of my good name, and the golden-blonde goddess I want to protect, is riding on collecting hard evidence against the thief.

I pray she’ll forgive me.

Cyrus is a steamy, feelgood, tenderhearted military romance. If you love happy endings where the good guy finishes first, enlist in his squad today.

Read Cyrus, Book 5 of the new M.E.D.I.C.S. series. That’s an order!

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