Dad Bod Dragon By Zoe Chant

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Dad Bod Dragon By Zoe Chant


Book/Novel Author: Zoe Chant

Book/Novel Title: Dad Bod Dragon



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He’s a blazing hot alpha dragon shifter.He’s a devoted single dad to three adorable little girls.He’s … completely out of shape.Dragon shifter Gideon has spent his entire life relying on his shifter physique to keep him in top fighting form. Except all of a sudden, it turns out that doesn’t work anymore when you hit middle age while juggling piano lessons, soccer practice, pediatrician appointments, and a desk job.He’s going to have to deal with the most baffling human tradition of all: going to the gym.But the minute he walks in, while he might not know what a single one of the machines does, he knows one thing right away—his fated mate is here.Personal trainer Lara specializes in clients her own age: mid-40s, with slowing metabolisms and busy lives. Her motto is “Every body is beautiful.” But she wasn’t prepared for someone with a body that beautiful to walk into her gym.Especially when a guy who looks like THAT has never been in a gym in his life and doesn’t know how any of the equipment works.Which means she’s going to have to work with him closely. Very closely. While half naked and sweating.And when it turns out his kids love her too, there’s absolutely no chance this is going to stay professional.A brand new standalone HEA dragon shifter romance from Zoe Chant! Because love and romance doesn’t stop at forty.
Would like to read more about the different dads at the gymPlease write more and updates about this family
Liked that the whole community was included in the story and that it takes a new view on it takes a village to raise well rounded kids.
Really good story Relaxing intriguing and suspenseful Could not put it down Looking forward to the next story Thank you
I loved this book! It was good to read a book that was I guess a little more realistic (ha). Hope you know what I mean.
A great reminder that dad (&mom) bods are a normal part of life. Really, if you’re alive you’re aging so let’s all get off the young bod forever merry go round…. Somehow, I’m accepting of dad bods to a degree yet give myself a hard time about my mom bod. This story is refreshing without getting too schmaltzy.
This was such a terrific and sweet story. Lara and Gideon were a great couple and I love reading romantic stories with older characters. I’m older myself and it’s hard for me to relate to 20 and 30 somethings. This author is so sympathetic with all of her characters and she does children very well. Addy’s sojourn in the air duct at school was so cute. I highly recommend this book (although I would have liked it to be longer) and I would love to see this be a series. So much promise here.


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