Dancer By Jenna Rose

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Dancer By Jenna Rose


Book/Novel Author: Jenna Rose

Book/Novel Title: Dancer



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Hope lost her parents a year ago, leaving her with mountains of debt owed to a sleazy “gentlemen’s club” owner, and now it’s time to pay up. Hope is mortified, but things go from bad to worse when notorious crime boss, Brock Williams, arrives at the club and offers to buy her.
Hope is terrified. The man is cruel, fierce and dangerous, right? But then why is he furious at the club owner? Why does he want Hope out of the life? Is there more to this man than the legends portray?
Little does Hope know, she’s stepped into a whole new world and Brock has no intention of losing her. He’s found his princess, and now his only goal is to make her his. **





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