Dan’s Inferno, Book I By Jan Stryvant

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Dan’s Inferno, Book I: Cursed! By Jan Stryvant


Book/Novel Author: Jan Stryvant

Book/Novel Title: Dan’s Inferno, Book I

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When Dan was told he was living under a curse, he would have laughed, except the demon with the sword didn’t look like the type to waste their time on such things. Especially when that demon was now stuck living with him. For most people having a demon in your life 24/7 probably isn’t the best way to spend your days. But when that demon is a sexy cat-like warrior who hasn’t been laid in almost a decade?Yeah, this is one curse that Dan is willing to put up with. The problem is, the demon wants to be free of the curse as well, but for that to happen, one of them has to die and neither one of them is fond of that solution. Though in Dan’s case the curse makes his death inevitable, unless another solution is found.But in the meantime this demon has a little problem: Four of her closest friends have also been trapped into curses of their own, and she’d be very thankful if he’d help her free them. As they’ve all been trapped just as long as she has, she’s sure they’ll all be just as grateful as she was!WARNING: “Cursed” contains explicit sexuality, nudity, violence, bad language, attempted murder, actual murder, self-defense, pro-active self-defense, destruction of private property, theft, no arson (yet), demonic sex, gratuitous sex, mayhem,violence, breaking and entering, card cheats, a trip to Stockton (pee-ew! roll up that window!) and a really nice lady who drinks too much.

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