Dan’s Inferno, Book III By Jan Stryvant

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Dan’s Inferno, Book III: Heritage By Jan Stryvant


Book/Novel Author: Jan Stryvant

Book/Novel Title: Dan’s Inferno, Book III



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Dan’s freed the remaining three girls from their prisons, but there is still the little matter or the curse binding them to him, and of course binding him to an early grave. But if nothing else, he’s kept his word, and thankfully they really do want to keep him because they only place they’ve been abusing him is in bed. However nothing is ever simple in Dan’s world anymore, because even after the curse gets conquered, there’s the little problem of the demonic blood that the curse introduced to his body.The only thing keeping him alive at this point is his newly discovered mixed heritage. But even that won’t keep him alive for long if they don’t find help soon. Magical help. Powerful help. Perhaps even the kind of help that requires a visit to Wrath’s father, a truly last ditch resort as he’s not only the last person you meet to meet in a dark alley, meeting him on the street in broad daylight isn’t exactly safe either. However all those many years of being mean, evil, and an all around terror have left him with a knowledge of curses and their effects that few can rival – few still left alive.This of course doesn’t mean that the wizard who cursed him isn’t trying to kill him, he’s actually looking to be much more proactive in that venture. Assuming however that Dan and the Girls don’t kill him first. WARNING: “Heritage” contains unicorns and fairy dust and cute pixies and happy people singing happy songs and dancing and playing nice and never a nasty word is said. It also contains a Warning Message that’s just One Big Lie. Nothing’s changed! It’s still chock full of raunchy, kinky, demonic sex, and a lot of people doing bad things and enjoying it! (Please Note: The Almighty Tallest has not approved this message).


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