Dark Class By Michelle Diener

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Dark Class (Class 5 Series) By Michelle Diener


Book/Novel Author: Michelle Diener

Book/Novel Title: Dark Class



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Waking up alone . . . Ellie Masters comes out of a coma to find herself the only inhabitant of an eerily empty moon station. She’s not on Earth any more, she’s not even in the right solar system. So when someone reaches out to her, tells her he’s her friend, she’s happy to believe it. The alternative is to be stuck alone with an enemy.The hunt of his career . . . Grih Battle Center captain, Renn Sorvihn, has been chasing a rogue Tecran ship for over a month, convinced its captain is simply trying to delay his inevitable surrender and punishment. But when Renn follows the Tecran ship into an uncharted sector, and realises the Tecran have been working their way to a secret moon base for weeks, he suddenly understands things are most definitely not as they seem.Caught in the crossfire . . . When the Tecran arrive, with the Grih hot on their heels, Ellie finds herself the catalyst for heightened danger to everyone. The Tecran see her as evidence of their military’s crimes, the Grih see her as a massive diplomatic complication, and her presence brings the whole confrontation up several thousand notches.But Ellie isn’t alone, and her new friend has ways to help her. Time to outclass them all . . .
Michelle did it again. Believable heroine, action packed plot. Romance.Had to say thank you. I hope more stories are on the way
I thought Class 4 was the last installment. Thanks Michelle Diener. I have enjoyed reading the Class 5. All these years. I hope we get more.
this is another great addition to the series and as always well written and enchanting. Thank you so much for another installment into the world of the Class 5s. This was a surprise and really enjoyable one.
It really was a book I wish could have gone on longer, but there is a bonus eplligue offered so I will get that too.Really enjoy this series.
Wow! Overall I loved this book. I recommend to read the other Class 5 books before you read this one.Ellie wakes up, alone on a deserted base. Her only companion is artificial intelligence and drones until the Grih crash land on the base. Ellie and the Grih must escape the warring Tecran.What a great series. I love the drones, the Class 5 systems, and the hunky alien. There is jut the right balance of action, reason, and romance. I hope this is not the end of series.
A bit long, but it was good. I’m not sure why the author takes so long to make the characters understand they are in a survival situation, unless you are a true pacifist, I’d think you would shoot first and ask questions later, not angst about it and get shot yourself. Almost to the point of TSTL.


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