Dark God’s Avatar By I. T. Lucas

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Dark God’s Avatar (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Book 59) By I. T. Lucas


Book/Novel Author: I. T. Lucas

Book/Novel Title: Dark God’s Avatar



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Unaware of the time bomb ticking inside her, Mia had lived the perfect life until it all came to a screeching halt, but despite the difficulties she faces, she doggedly pursues her dreams.Once known as the god of knowledge and wisdom, Toven has grown cold and indifferent. Disillusioned with humanity, he travels the world and pens novels about the love he can no longer feel.Seeking to escape his ever-present ennui, Toven gives a cutting-edge virtual experience a try. When his avatar meets Mia’s, their sizzling virtual romance unexpectedly turns into something deeper and more meaningful.Will it endure in the real world?
These are my go to for reading on the pure enjoy. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do when they come to an end!!
I love all the characters in every book. I love their world and hope it never ends. Even the Perfect Match Virtual sfories.
I used this product for relaxation and entertainment. This is for the author. It’s nice that you’ve found a mate for Toven but, please don’t disregard finding the reincarnation of Kian for Annani. I found all of your stories thoroughly entertaining and I look forward to reading the juicy and intriguing conclusion to these stories that will hopefully end with Annani finding her reincarnated murdered love .
What can I say, but to recommend this series hoping everyone would like it as much as I do. The author of this remarkable series continues to write more books with many new characters, which appreciate. I will say that I started reading this series from book one and haven’t been able to stop, because every new book keeps me wanting to continue reading more of the story. The characters are fiction and yet are real to me as they can be, only because the writer doesn’t shy from making then so..Every-time a book ends I am afraid the author would not write another or end the series and I hold my breath wondering if the end is coming soon and I hope that it doesn’t… Don’t take my word for how good this series is, but I recommend you start reading it,…. I hope you enjoy it!
I loved the entire story. I waited to read this book because I wanted to be able to read the next immediately. There is something you learn about Mia that I never saw coming. It just maked me love her more. Toven’s reaction was even better. Without a doubt this is the best series I’ve ever read. There is so much more I could say but I hate it when I read a review and it has spoilers in it. If you have not started this series you should. You will not be disappointed. I’m getting ready to start the next book and am already excited about the third installment.
I love this series but this book had me skipping ahead cause I just couldn’t grasp the way the plot is going. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t get back to being exciting again I’ll have to leave as is. But, I’ll give it one more try for the next cause the others were really good and there’s so much we need to know.


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