Dark God’s Reviviscence By I. T. Lucas

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Dark God’s Reviviscence (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Book 60) By I. T. Lucas


Book/Novel Author: I. T. Lucas

Book/Novel Title: Dark God’s Reviviscence



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Toven might have failed in his attempts to improve humanity’s condition, but he isn’t going to fail to improve Mia’s life, making it the best it can be despite her fragile health, and he can do that not as a god, but as a man who possesses the means, the smarts, and the determination to do it.No effort is enough to repay Mia for reviving his deadened heart and making him excited for the next day, but the flip side of his reviviscence is the fear of losing its catalyst.Given Mia’s condition, Toven doesn’t dare to over excite her. His venom is a powerful aphrodisiac, euphoric, and an all-around health booster, but it’s also extremely potent. It might kill her instead of making her better.
I liked that this book focused more on Toven and Mia. I liked the hints of things to come. And now I have so many questions–*Are Mia’s grandparents biological or is she adopted? (Neither of her grandparents has the congenital heart disease.)*Could Mia be part Kra-ell? (Just curious.)*Is Mia going to start transitioning and if so, what would that entail? And does Toven know anything about that? (I’m thinking he doesn’t.)*Will his interest in Perfect Match be the thing that brings him in contact with Annani’s clan? (He’s probably going to need them if Mia starts transitioning.)These kinds of questions bring the excitement back tho reading this series. I hope I’m not disappointed in the next book.(And are we ever going to find out if Khiann has survived in stasis like Wonder did? THAT it’s what keeps me holding on with this series!)
This whole series is awesome!! I love the plots and the many different characters with their own story lines. Most of all I enjoy how Lucas has created a dialogue between her characters and how it all converge into one well told story from different angles. Well done, indeed..
I can’t wait to start the next book and see what happens. I loved Toven and Mia story and so happy for Dalhu and Amanda.
Once again IT Lucas hasn’t disappointed us.It’s wonderful to see how Given and Mis are finding new love when To Ben moves next door to Mis.
This book in the series was all over the place but it was still good. A lot of characters were mentioned and the storyline was interesting.
Can’t wait to find out….. Mia & Toven are wonderfully written characters. Dying for them to meet up with the other immortals. The next release can’t come soon enough!


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4.9/5309 ratings