Dark Greed By Mary Stone

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Dark Greed (Charli Cross Mystery Series Book 2) By Mary Stone


Book/Novel Author: Mary Stone

Book/Novel Title: Dark Greed



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Jealousy is evil. Greed is deadly.When a young man is found hanging inside a barn, it seems like an open-and-shut suicide. But the boy in question is none other than Bryce Mowery, son and only heir of the richest family in Savannah, and Bryce’s father is claiming foul play. Much to her chagrin, Detective Charli Cross is sent to investigate and appease the farm and real estate magnate.But soon, it’s no longer a question of if Bryce was killed, but by who. The Mowerys have made plenty of enemies in town, but why would anyone want to kill the happy-go-lucky playboy? As Charli and her partner Matthew delve deeper into the cutthroat world of land development, the killer is waiting. Not only does he like to play games, but he’s covering his tracks . . . and he’s developed a taste for murder.Fast-paced and gripping, Dark Greed is the second book in the Charli Cross series from bestselling author Mary Stone—guaranteed to make you reconsider keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.Scroll up to grab your copy today!
Fast paced story line that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Charlie is a smart detective with a quick wit and no nonsense attitude. Read this book it’s wonderful. I
I’m loving this series so far. I love characters and the great crime solving partners! Plenty of action, suspense, twists and turns! Keep up the awesome job you are doing!! & Please, Please don’t stop with 3!!!! On to the next!!!!
Not having grown up with ⅚, made him crave it and the power that went with it. Working his way to the top meant clearing out the competition permanently!
It wasn’t lengthy or extremely wordy and I liked the pace of it. It was also an easy and comfortable read. I hope Charli and Matthew get together !
Matthew is visiting his daughter, so Charli is working a case without him. This one is an apparent suicide of Bryce Mowery the son of Montgonery Mowery- a well-known resident with friends in high places and lots of money. He doesn’t believe his son committed suicide, and Charli needs to prove it for him. Just what Charli doesn’t need…another high-profile case! The more Charli digs into Bryce’s past, the more it seems unlikely he would kill himself. What really happened? There are secrets that some people would rather remain silent, but we all know Charli…THAT isn’t gonna happen! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
I love Charli and Matthew, they work so well together. This was great from the beginning to the end. I can’t wait to read the next book. I can’t get enough of Mary Stones book.


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