Dark Lies By Veronica Douglas

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Dark Lies (Magic Side: Wolf Bound Book 3) By Veronica Douglas


Book/Novel Author: Veronica Douglas

Book/Novel Title: Dark Lies



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My nightmare’s not over. It’s just beginning.I killed the sorcerer who turned my life into a living hell, yet I can’t seem to escape the ghosts of my past. The servants of a dark god are hunting me for my blood, and I need to stop them before they bring destruction down on us all.To make matters worse, I’ve turned into one of the monsters I feared most. I need to find out why before my family discovers my secret—before my fated mate, Jaxson Laurent, claims me as his own. He’s as hot as sin, and I can barely restrain myself when he’s near, but I won’t let him rule me, and I won’t let the fates determine my path.With new threats lurking in every shadow and time running out, I’ll have to rumble with bikers and face down a vampire to get the answers I need. But when I finally unmask the dark lies that have haunted my past, will I be strong enough to face what’s coming?Book 3 of 4An action-packed urban fantasy, Dark Lies features a kick-ass heroine, a dangerous hero, and a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance. Prepare to be drawn into a mysterious and magical world, full of demons, shifters, and sorcerers.
I really love Savy and all her friends in Magic Side! I really can’t wait to see what happens next!!
Really good story in the series. The author weaves an excellent storyline with such power characters. Makes reading the series so incredible.
Wow the twist at the end i would have guessed that, what will Savannah do? May have to try the spin off booms too.
I have read ALL of Linsey Halls books and I am now reading Veronica’s and these books are wildly entertaining and highlight so many great places in our world. Keep writing ladies! Can’t wait to see how Savannah’s and Jax’s story ends!
Omg these books are so great.I couldn’t put them down.I can’t wait for the last one.I love this author.Such great books.
Oh my goodness poor Savy! The fates are certainly dealing her a terrible hand! I feel certain she will somehow defeat the dark god though! This book is filled with action, adventure, passion and everything in between! I can’t wait for the final book in this series!


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