Dark Pantheon By Brittany Rose

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Dark Pantheon: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy: An Anise Evans Novel: Book Three By Brittany Rose


Book/Novel Author: Brittany Rose

Book/Novel Title: Dark Pantheon

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Anise Evans is the goddess of protection and justice.
It’s been a hell of a ride, but both her personal and professional lives seem to be coming together, although not without struggle and problems.
Things are about to become a lot more complicated, as a threat she can’t possibly handle alone comes along. An insane greater god with delusions of grandeur, not to mention a bunch of other gods and goddesses. She is justice, and will fight, but will it be enough?
Author’s Note: This is a full novel, slow burn, Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy, which doesn’t stint on the fantasy or the romance. There are some scenes of an explicitly erotic nature. There will be explicit scenes in the following books as well, so be warned now. There are four planned books in this series, so minor cliffhangers are unavoidable, but the main plot in this book will be tied up by the end.
Most of the book is in the first person, from Anise’s POV, but the men have some cameos in the third person limited POV.

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