Dark Prophecy By Lynette Eason

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Dark Prophecy By Lynette Eason


Book/Novel Author: Lynette Eason

Book/Novel Title: Dark Prophecy

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When Riley Matthews (niece of Daniel Matthews from the book Without Warning in the Elite Guardians series) heads to North Carolina to rescue her best friend from the Swiss Saints cult, she quickly runs into trouble. Steve Patterson, home from Afghanistan and ready to adjust to civilian life, wants that life to include Riley Matthews. But first, he has to find her, help her rescue her friend–and convince her that he’s a changed man. Only Riley’s not so sure she believes him. Truthfully, her heart wants to say all is forgiven, but her head won’t let her forget the pain he caused her when he left without so much as a goodbye. Working together, they find that rescuing her friend is one thing. Rescuing an entire compound of innocent people might just prove impossible. But they have to try–or one man’s evil schemes will have tragic consequences. **

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