Dark Purpose By Mary Stone

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Dark Purpose (Charli Cross Mystery Series Book 1) By Mary Stone


Book/Novel Author: Mary Stone

Book/Novel Title: Dark Purpose



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Everyone has a purpose. Some are just darker than others.

Always calm, cool, and collected, Savannah PD Detective Charli Cross compensates for her petite five-foot frame with an impenetrable exterior and pragmatic competence. It’s an approach that catapulted her to the rank of detective at twenty-three and contributes to her and her partner’s unequaled murder clearance rate. But when a bird-watching couple discover the remains of a teenage girl stuffed in a storage container, Charli’s composure starts to crack.

Not only is the murder horrifying, it dredges up memories of Charli’s best friend. Madeline was only sixteen when her body was found a mere half-mile from the grisly discovery. Add the sadistic sexual component to this recent crime, as well as the location of the body, and Charli fears they are facing the hallmarks of the worst kind of serial killer—one who’s organized and thorough. One intent on fulfilling his dark purpose.

Charli wants to stay unemotional. But when more victims are discovered, she is determined to stop the killer before he strikes again.

This time, it’s not just her job. It’s personal.

Spine-tingling and chilling, Dark Purpose is the adrenaline-charged first book in the Charli Cross series from bestselling author Mary Stone—guaranteed to ensure you never walk home alone again.

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An interesting and quick read.Good mystery.Good character interactions. I’ve read her other series.I love a good murder mystery.
Im loving Mary StoneNever read her stories before. Not sure why,I really enjoyed this first book of a three book series. Can’t wait to dive into book twoGreat Job Mary Stone. Thanks

Can’t wait for the next story.I would of like for story to have told about Jenny fighting or hurting Potter. She went all that trouble of braking the toilet paper holder.
I don’t think Mary could ever write a bad book.. And now she is partnering up with Donna. The two of them together are gonna rock our world.. So many twists and turns..
Detective Charli Cross and her partner, Matthew Church, patrol the streets of Savannah, GA.This beautiful old southern town is well known for its charm, grace, and picturesque streets but they conceal a shadier side of life that most tourists would never dream existed.When a strange metal box is found in the march, Charli and Matthew are sent out to investigate.When they arrive, their worst concerns are validated.A body has been stuffed inside the box, but the heat and bug population has already done its work.They step back from the horrific smell long before they can view the contents up close.As various facts about the body’s identity are discovered and a second container is found, it becomes obvious there is a serial killer at work.Charli and Matthew work tirelessly to track down the killer and pursue the few leads they’ve been able to uncover.In the meantime, another girl has been abducted and the killer is ready to finish his task and run.I liked the relationship between this somewhat odd pairing.Matthew is the perpetual worrier and Charli is the driving force that can’t be slowed.Great chemistry between the two.


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