Dark Secrets Resurgence By I. T.Lucas

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Dark Secrets Resurgence (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Book 44) By I. T.Lucas


Book/Novel Author: I. T.Lucas

Book/Novel Title: Dark Secrets Resurgence

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On a sabbatical from his Stanford teaching position, Professor David Levinson finally has time to write the sci-fi novel he’s been thinking about for years. The phenomena of past life memories and near-death experiences are too controversial to include in his formal psychiatric research, while fiction is the perfect outlet for his esoteric ideas.Hoping that a change of pace will provide the inspiration he needs, David accepts a friend’s invitation to an old Scottish castle.Except, what he finds there is more fantastical than his most outlandish theories. The castle is home to a clan of immortals, their leader is a stunning demigoddess, and even more shockingly, it might be precisely where he belongs.

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