Davo By N.R. Walker

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Davo By N.R. Walker


Book/Novel Author: N.R. Walker

Book/Novel Title: Davo



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When Fergus Galloway takes on a research trip to a tiny mining town in the far Western Australian outback, he’s as far from Sydney as he can get.Which is entirely the point.He arrives in Pannalego totally unprepared for the baking heat, unprepared for the people who call it home, unprepared for the craziness and the laughs. And absolutely unprepared for the man he meets there who steals his heart.Davo is a mining man, as rugged as he is gorgeous. Loves his found family, loves where he lives, and loves his life. He also loves the feel of soft fabric on his skin.What was supposed to be a short field trip changes Fergus’s life. Going to a place many call uninhabitable might turn out to be the only place he wants to live.
This was fine if you’d like a lazy creek journey of a story. It’s low angst and sweet, but doesn’t have a lot of depth. I liked her Red Dirt Heart and Imago series better.
Romance, love, friendship and self acceptance. This book had so many life lessons for me about what’s really important. Must read love in its rawest form. Plus an HEA
I simply adored this book. I have laughed with books but never have I ever laughed so hard that I had tears coming down my face. That darn bird was absolutely the best. I give him 20+ Stars. I backed this book up and played parts of it to my family and boss. My boss just laughed and said “yep you need that bird.”Dave and Fergus are so unique together and I loved the sparky flirting that went back and forth.I seriously recommend this book and deeply regret that I finished it so quickly.The writing was top notched and the book was paced really well. I truly feel like I have visited this little town and these lovely people. I hope you enjoyed this book as much as I did.
Oh my…this just really gave me the feels. It was perfect and so sweet. I loved Davo and Fergus…the entire cast of characters. I can’t really explain it….it was just nice. I was reading it, just smiling!
I have mixed feelings about this book. I struggled with the insta-love, but the characters were sweet together. The book just never grabbed my attention. I found myself just wanting to finish it to see how it ends, but not excited to read it. Not one of my favorites from this author.
N R Walker is such a super star writer that I will one click on anything that she writes. This one was very different in tone than Red Dirt Heart, but similar in spirit. You can almost see the landscape that she paints in this story. Adored these two guys!


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