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Dawson Bride By T. S. Joyce


Book/Novel Author: T. S. Joyce

Book/Novel Title: Dawson Bride


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Werewolves meet the Wild West in this thrilling final installment of the Wolf Brides trilogy.
Lucianna Whitlock has her entire life planned out for her by men determined to use her as a pawn in high society marriage games. But when she balks against the cruel man who has won her hand, he rips her life apart.
A strapping cowboy, half-feral and fully terrifying, saves her life from her ex-fiancé’s vengeance. When her only hope is to escape to America beside the stranger with the inhuman eyes and that thick, southern drawl, she’ll have to decide whether escaping her old life is worth leaving everything she knows behind.
Gable Dawson has been running as a wolf for over a year, but saving Lucianna is breathing new life into the human form he left behind. To keep her safe, he’ll brave the rough waters of the Atlantic on a merchant ship, and travel back to the home in Colorado Springs he’s been avoiding for years. He’ll need the help of his pack to keep his woman safe. If anyone is worth facing his sordid past for, it’s Lucianna.
And if he can claim his mate and protect her from the reach of the brutal man who’s hunting her, he just might save himself along the way.
Content Warning: explicit love scenes, language, badass Wild West werewolves, and sexy shifter secrets.
Adult only shifter romance. **
### From the Author
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**Reading Order for Damon’s Mountains:** Lumberjack Werebear (Saw Bears, 1), Woodcutter Werebear (Saw Bears, 2), Timberman Werebear (Saw Bears, 3), Sawman Werebear (Saw Bears, 4), Bear My Soul (Fire Bears, 1), Axman Werebear (Saw Bears, 5), Bear the Burn (Fire Bears, 2), Bear the Heat (Fire Bears, 3), Woodsman Werebear (Saw Bears, 6), Lumberman Werebear (Saw Bears, 7), Gray Back Bad Bear (Gray Back Bears, 1), Gray Back Alpha Bear (Gray Back Bears, 2), Gray Back Ghost Bear (Gray Back Bears, 3), Gray Back Broken Bear (Gray Back Bears, 4), Lowlander Silverback (Gray Back Bears, 5), Last Immortal Dragon (Gray Back Bears, 6), A Very Beastly Christmas (Gray Back Bears, 7), Boarlander Boss Bear (Boarlander Bears, 1), Boarlander Bash Bear (Boarlander Bears, 2), Boarlander Silverback (Boarlander Bears, 3), Boarlander Beast Boar (Boarlander Bears, 4), Boarlander Cursed Bear (Boarlander Bears, 5), Bloodrunner Dragon (Harper’s Mountains, 1), Bloodrunner Bear (Harper’s Mountains, 2), Air Ryder (Harper’s Mountains, 3), Novak Raven (Harper’s Mountains, 4), Blackwing Dragon (Harper’s Mountains, 5), Blackwing Defender (Kane’s Mountains, 1), Blackwing Wolf (Kane’s Mountains, 2), Blackwing Beast (Kane’s Mountains, 3), Son of the Cursed Bear (Sons of Beasts, 1), Son of Kong (Sons of Beasts, 2), Son of the Dragon (Sons of Beasts, 3), Novak Grizzly (Daughters of Beasts, 1), Beck Bear (Daughters of Beasts, 2), Ash Bear (Daughters of Beasts, 3), Grim Christmas (Daughters of Beasts, 4), New Vyr (Daughters of Beasts, 5), Tarian Alpha (New Tarian Pride, 1) **
Shifter Series by T. S. Joyce**
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***New Tarian Pride** * * Tarian Alpha – Availabe Now * Tarian Silver Lion – Coming February 2019
***Daughters of Beasts** * * Novak Grizzly * Beck Bear * Ash Bear * Grim Christmas * New Vyr
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***Sons of Beasts** * * Son of the Cursed Bear * Son of Kong * Son of the Dragon
***Red Havoc Panthers** * * Red Havoc Rogue * Red Havoc Rebel * Red Havoc Bad Cat * Red Havoc Guardian * Red Havoc Bad Bear
***Wolves of Winter’s Edge** * * Gentry * Roman * Asher
* * *
* * *
***Kane’s Mountains** * * Blackwing Defender * Blackwing Wolf * Blackwing Beast
***Harper’s Mountains** * * Bloodrunner Dragon * Bloodrunner Bear * Air Ryder * Novak Raven * Blackwing Dragon
***Winterset Coven** * * King of the Asheville Coven * Second of the Winterset Coven
* * *
***Bears Fur Hire** * * Husband Fur Hire * Bear Fur Hire * Mate Fur Hire * Wolf Fur Hire * Dawson Fur Hire * Chance Fur Hire
* * *
**** ***Saw Bears** * * Lumberjack Werebear * Woodcutter Werebear * Timberman Werebear * Sawman Werebear * Axman Werebear * Woodsman Werebear * Lumberman Werebear
***Fire Bears** * * Bear My Soul * Bear the Burn * Bear the Heat
***Gray Back Bears** * * Gray Back Bad Bear * Gray Back Alpha Bear * Gray Back Ghost Bear * Gray Back Broken Bear * Lowlander Silverback * Last Immortal Dragon * A Very Beastly Christmas
***Boarlander Bears** * * Boarlander Boss Bear * Boarlander Bash Bear * Boarlander Silverback * Boarlander Beast Boar * Boarlander Cursed Bear
* * *
Bear Valley Shifters*** * The Witness and the Bear * Devoted to the Bear * Return to the Bear * Betray the Bear * Redeem the Bear * Bear Valley Valentine
***Hells Canyon Shifters** * * Call of the Bear * Fealty of the Bear * Avenge the Bear * Claim the Bear * Heart of the Bear
***Wolf Brides** * * Wolf Bride * Red Snow Bride * Dawson Bride
***Full-Length, Standalone Bear Shifter Romance** * * Coveted by the Bear
***Full-Length, Standalone Non-Shifter Romance** * * Shelter Me Home
***Short Story Holiday Shifter Romance** * * Baby It’s Cold Out Bear
**Want more of T. S. Joyce?** **Website:**  tsjoyce.com **Facebook:**  facebook.com/realtsjoyce
### About the Author
T.S. Joyce is devoted to bringing hot shifter romances to readers. Hungry alpha males are her calling card, and the wilder the men, the more she’ll make them pour their hearts out. She werebear swears there’ll be no swooning heroines in her books. It takes tough-as-nails women to handle the shifters of Bear Valley. Experienced at handling an alpha male of her own, she lives in a tiny town, outside of a tiny city, and devotes her life to writing big stories. Foodie, bear whisperer, ninja, thief of tiny bottles of awesome smelling hotel shampoo, nap connoisseur, movie fanatic, and zombie slayer, and most of this bio is true. Bear Shifters? Check Smoldering Alpha Hotness? Double Check Sexy Scenes? Fasten up your girdles, ladies and gents, it’s gonna to be a wild ride.


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