Dead and Buried By John Carson

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Dead and Buried: A Scottish Detective Mystery (A DCI Harry McNeil Crime Thriller Book 13) By John Carson


Book/Novel Author: John Carson

Book/Novel Title: Dead and Buried



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Sometimes, the past is better left behind…Detective Chief Inspector Harry McNeil had found himself back in CID after a leave of absence saw his team disbanded. Now he’s been temporarily assigned to an existing Major Investigation team, working alongside his old friend, Detective Inspector Frank Miller, after Miller’s DCI dies suddenly.A body is found in the city centre, torn to pieces. It’s reminiscent of a cold case from years ago and the victim is quickly identified, bringing the old murder enquiry back front and centre.There’s new management in the Edinburgh police division, and old friends have been replaced by new enemies. Not everybody wants to see Harry McNeil succeed.But that’s not going to stop him and Frank Miller from tackling the cold case head on, with help from a couple of Glasgow detectives.But nothing is what it seems. Starting with the death of Miller’s DCI.Harry and the team find out that some cold cases were meant to be left alone, and that sometimes the past should be left dead and buried…
These stories are so intertwined, getting personal and professional without blurring the two. You’re hanging until the end and you never know quite how they solved the case.
To have all the best characters (in my opinion) all in one book makes this the best book in this series. From a 40yr old cold case being brought back to life, to having a killer I wouldn’t have guessed to killing off Paddy, this was an excellent thriller. The only reason I didn’t give this 5⭐s is because of the statue thing. If we tear down History because we don’t like it then as the saying goes: “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – Winston Churchill
I’ve read books 1 to 13 in this series and love them all. Fast paced with memorable characters, they have been a a delight to read. Dead and Buried kept me guessing til the end.
I have greatly enjoyed all of John Carson’s books, and look forward to each new one. ‘Dead and Buried’ is a doozy! Such a twist at the end; one I didn’t see coming at all. I can highly recommend this book, which does stand alone, but if you enjoy seeing characters develop in a series, start with ‘Return to Evil,’ the first DCI Harry McNeil book, and read them in order.P.S. Various reviewers have remarked that the book is either very true to police procedure, or totally not true at all. Well, I’m not a Scottish copper, so I really don’t know, but I doubt that those reviewers are, either. It’s a book, meant for escape and diversion. Read it and enjoy it!
The gangs all here in this great story that brings characters from both series together. Witty banter and suspenseful storyline all add up to a great read. The brilliant twist at the end took me by surprise. Recommend all the books written by John Carson.
John Carson really knows how to write a good thriller! I always say the current book is the best yet but this one really is! His Frank Miller books are among my favorites. Now, Harry McNeil is right up there with Frank! It was great to have Frank in this book. I hope he stays! I didn’t have a clue who the killer was until the end. I highly recommend this book. Beth


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