Dead Stop By Alan Lee

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Dead Stop (Mackenzie August, Action Mysteries, Book 9) By Alan Lee


Book/Novel Author: Alan Lee

Book/Novel Title: Dead Stop



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Mackenzie needs a vacation, and Ronnie has just the ticket–a luxury sleeper-train voyage through the Rockies.
Along with Manny, they pack up and board the West Coast Zephyr in Chicago, ready for five days of peace.
The first signs of trouble appear, however, when members of the crew go missing, a true mystery. Relaxation for Mackenzie will have to wait if the train ever wants to reach its destination beyond the mountains, where a howling blizzard waits.

Book Nine of the Mackenzie August Mystery Series!
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These books are so funny! Mackenzie has such a snarky sense of humor, Manny cracks me up, Ronnie just makes me jealous because she is gorgeous, smart AND funny. All while people are dropping dead around them. Is the next book out yet?????
Have really enjoyed all previous works but this felt like a bad rendition of Murder on the Orient Express with some bad jokes and silly political commentary thrown in.Hopefully, this was an isolated work and we will soon be treated to a much improved return.
More much more soon. Cannot get enough of your writing. Putting you up there with Atkins, Sandford, Child, Connely, Crais, King, Silva, Dawson, Robert & T Jeff Parker. Looking forward to many more.
I’m so pleased that I found Alan Lee and his wonderfully creative, and well written novels. Being a Richmond native, but knowing the Roanoke area fairly well, I’ve looked forward to each new tale. well done Sir!
Alan Lee nails the liberal & conservative stereotypes with great humor. As for our chief protagonist … Mackenzie August isn’t perfect, but I love that he tries so hard to be. Reminds us all to be a bit more introspective … nicely done Alan!
I have loved allof the Mackenzie novels that I have read. This one was a great read and I recommend it! The plot is a bit wild, but did not overcome the joy of reading about my three friends.


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