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DEADLY CHOICE: a gripping thriller mystery full of twists and turns By Jack Parker


Book/Novel Author: Jack Parker

Book/Novel Title: DEADLY CHOICE

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Deadly Choice : As though Robin and Kim’s lives weren’t already bizarre enough, suddenly they need to come to terms with something that changes their whole perception of their own identities.

“He closed his eyes, but didn’t try to sleep. He knew that was futile. He had too much on his mind to drift away. Now he’d realised when it was, the moment it happened, his mind went over and over the day trying to make sense of it.

It was the day she helped him paint.

He could still see her standing by the wall, rolling the paint across the expanse and reliving the tale. That was it, he realised. It was the moment she relayed the story of her lost love that he started to see her differently. Until then, there was something that was missing from Kim. He’d never really been able to explain it, but there was a vagueness of emotion, as though she had blocked off so much of herself that she didn’t allow herself to feel very much any more. He supposed that, with all she had been through, that as natural. But although she had always said she loved her wife and was happy with her there was something that didn’t seem right. It didn’t seem to be that same depth of feeling that he’d shared with Simon, or the same depth of feeling he’d seen in other couples. It wasn’t until Kim had shared the story of herself and Shaz that he’d seen why.

“She was your one true love,” he’d said quietly, “wasn’t she?”

It was with a broken voice that Kim had whispered, “Yes,” as she’d nodded slowly.

How many years had Kim had to keep that a secret, he wondered. It was a terrible thing to have to do. But then again, who could she tell? Or how?”

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