Death by Blackmail By Beth Byers

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Death by Blackmail: A 1930s Murder Mystery By Beth Byers


Book/Novel Author: Beth Byers

Book/Novel Title: Death by Blackmail

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When Georgette watches a neighbor murdered over her book, she thinks the world has gone mad. With her second book on the market and mostly fiction, she expects things to go back to normal. Only another person dies. The deaths clarify her path needs to be one that leaves her hometown, Harper’s Bend, behind.
A decision that is further elucidated when she receives a blackmail letter. As Georgette deliberates what to do, she turns to her friend, Charles Aaron. Before she has even completed her explanation, another body falls. Has the blackmailer decided to ruin his victims by killing them instead of taking all their money? If so, is Georgette at risk? And will Georgette and her friends find the killer before all of her secrets out? **

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