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Death Wish By K Webster


Book/Novel Author: K Webster

Book/Novel Title: Death Wish



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All I wanted is for my little sister Della to be safe and happy. And maybe, in brief stolen moments, I dreamed of a happy ending for myself with a brown-eyed man. That hope has turned into sharp, bright fear. There’s only survival now.I’m the daughter of a controlling and cruel billionaire, so I understand about power. But I find myself fighting anyway. I find myself testing them.I have claws and I bite. I’m not going down without a fight.It’s like I have a death wish.
When we first met the Mannford Triplets in Winston & Ash’s story, I was not emotionally prepared to come full circle and grow to…. love them.Scout, Sparrow and Sully are the same- yet each are also so very different. When they all became infatuated with Landry Croft, who was only supposed to be a job, sharing her became a priority. A Must. And saving her from her horrible home life with her father became mission #1.Landry took her little sister, Della, and ran away. Just only who she thought she was running to, turned out to be someone else entirely. She ran right into the arms of the the man (or three) that had betrayed her. Now, they’re all she has to rely on and she’s falling even deeper than she ever thought possible. How can you love three people at one time?This is definitely one of most twisted reads I’ve read, but that’s K Webster. I love her writing and the journey she took us on with these three men & Landry.
Never have I ever read a book where a villain or in this case three villains redeemed themselves in such a spectacular way!!! K. Webster did an outstanding job of giving the boys separate unique personalities, but also show the bigger picture of how they aren’t really whole without each other. Landry is like the last piece that completes the puzzle to make the most amazing picture! Midnight Dynasty fames this is a must read!!!
Why do I always fall for the villains? That’s the question I ask myself after reading such masterpiece as Death Wish. A twisted romance that tainted my soul and ruined my heart in the best way possible. K. Webster blew my mind with the right conclusion of the Deception Duet. I didn’t want to finish this because it felt like I craved more of Scout, Sully and Sparrow. I wished this was a trilogy instead of a duet but somehow this worked perfectly. I adored this incredibly unique storyline and all the characters. I revelled in this dark, depraved romance that kept my heart beating so fast that I was afraid it would come out of my chest.The book had a great storyline. The erotic horror worked so good that it’s satisfying the way this book unfolds. Lust and coercion morph into a twisted world inside the pages of this masterpiece. The plot goes deeper into forced submission and trauma that a young woman and a girl have suffered in the hands of the real monster of this story, it’s awfully sad and despicable. This comparing to the villains who protect their woman is a twisted contrast that make this a sinful dark romance.Death Wish picks up exactly where Triplet Threat left off and we are given a suspenseful, sensual, wicked tale. This book gave me an overdose of crazy and lust. Passion, emotions, fear, sexy and hot moments that made me blush. All the elements that made this a deserving finale for such complex and unique characters.Scout, Sully and Sparrow have their own personalities and holy cow that’s so hot. I loved that Landry had no problem standing against them despite of her abusive past. She ended in the apartment of the terror triplets without being aware. It took her seconds to learn that she was in the den of the lion(s). Her sister’s safety is her priority and she will do anything (even surrender herself to villains) to protect her. She keeps secrets as well as her tormentors and she will hold onto them until she and her sister are safe. My heart hurt because of what Landry endured as well as little Della in the hands of their cruel father. It is true that the real monsters are disguised in sheepskin. Luckily both girls have three protectors.I adored how the triplets cared for little Della. Their moments were cute. Scout, Sully and Sparrow are the epitome of villains. They are deliciously depraved and sadistically sweet. They never were a man, they were three villains who claimed Landry as theirs. The three Mannford men saved Landry but at the same time she saved them. They protect their woman like lions. K. Webster redeemed those men magisterially. Turns out, they can really be nice guys and be saviours for someone.Scout was my favourite triplet. That psycho stole my heart in this book. He is the one who stayed true to himself. He has so much love for Landry and Della but goes back to his psychotic games messing things over and over. He rocked my world. He might has a dark soul but with a big heart. He was literally my weakness. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t love Sully and Sparrow. I loved them too but the psycho always win my heart.Overall Death Wish is a dark reverse harem with the special signature of K. Webster.
I’m a huge K Webster fan and I really wanted to love this duet but it felt really choppy compared to her other stories and I was overall disappointed. I’m sure part of it is that I also personally don’t prefer RH books, I love me a single love interest, but I just wasn’t wow-ed.The spice was great, like always, but this isn’t one I’ll actively recommend.
Book two for the terror triplets was amazing! Kept me on the edge of my seat just waiting and wondering what would happen next. We pick up right where Landry found out there were three, not one.Overall, Landry maybe forgave Scout, Sully and Sparrow too quickly, it would have been fun to see her drag it out more. That being said, it’s pretty damn obviously that their feelings towards her were more loving since book 1, so it didn’t seem like a stretch to show their feelings. Each triplet showed his feelings differently, but they definitely all had moment of jealous towards thither brothers and it was fun to watch it happen. When all of them finally accepted their new relationship for what it was, they were together. I loved the dynamic between them all and the automatic love and acceptance of Della, Landry’s 6 year old sister. The fact that at the end, they all were learning ASL for her in order to communicate was amazing! Especially after the POS father never tried. We later find out more and just truly how much of a POS that father really was. It made me so angry when all do that came to light….. it’s dark and not to be taken lightly.Would highly recommend this duet. It a quick read but it also it interconnected with many other books within the same world. The terror triplets are first found in the Cinderella trilogy by K Webster. While I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, the amount of times it’s references in this duet it would be helpful to read first.⚠️ dark themes including assault, child abuse,m and child s€[email protected] a$$ault ⚠️
Death Wish is the continuation from the first book Triple Threat and it did not disappoint at all. K. Webster is such an amazing writer. A major portion of her books are so damn sexy, forbidden desires, captivating, and they hook your curiosity from chapter 1. This Author’s storytelling ability is absolutely perfect. You cannot help but to fall in love with all of her characters. Death Wish I did not want for the story to end.I am a huge fan of K. Webster’s books and her stories.I always highly recommend all of her series and books to my friends and family because they are all that good!


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