Death’s Favorite Warlock 3 By Charles Dean

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Death’s Favorite Warlock 3 By Charles Dean


Book/Novel Author: Charles Dean

Book/Novel Title: Death’s Favorite Warlock 3



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A crazed princess, royal intrigue, relentless assassins, and a merciless army—Lars must overcome all these and even deadlier challenges as he navigates new threats in the brutal cultivation world he had thought he finally understood.Follow Lars as he does everything he can to survive and grow stronger in this cultivation-themed Gamelit LitRPG adventure.
Very good book. Hugely great success. Much love. Can’t wait for more win. Will eagerly await sequel. End of review.
A wild and crazy tale continues as Lars grows stronger, gathers more allies, naked more enemies and starts to learn about relationships with Ophelia… oh there is still killing, fights between cultivators as well as straight executions and snark. So much snark that if he wasn’t the MC, he’s have been pasts by now lolI’m tearing through these novels and enjoying the development of our overgrown man child who is still coming to grips with his incredibly changed world. He is now one of the powerful, able to explore bullying the bullies of the world and with his sharp wit, the Goddess of Death’s knowledge and snark, and some luck, Lars is going to slap the Qi-loving shit out of as many stuck up cultivators as he can,

It Felt a bit slow and took some time for the story to pick up. Not enough action though. But overall was good.
At first I didn’t know if I liked this series but I kept reading just for parts that made me laugh. Eventually the characters grew on me, well at least the main ones. Any character not the mc’s is barely a blip in the world. They could use a bit more fleshing out but overall I’ve liked it and will continue the series.
One main character. Okay for teens. Fast paced story. Want to see more in this series. Hope to read more soon.


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4.9/5309 ratings