Debating with the Duke By Alexa Aston

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Debating with the Duke (Second Sons of London Book 2) By Alexa Aston


Book/Novel Author: Alexa Aston

Book/Novel Title: Debating with the Duke



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First sons inherit all. Third sons are promised to the church. Second sons do their duty and serve in the military—unless fate intervenes and turns their lives upside down.Welcome to Second Sons of London, a new Regency Historical Romance series by USA Today Bestselling author Alexa Aston, where seven men who are second sons lay claim to fabulous wealth and lofty titles and fulfill their destinies when they find their soulmates.A serious duke who has been shattered by war. An opinionated beauty with no interest in marriage. A kiss that should be wrong but is more than right . . .Major Everett Wayland is stunned when his brother is murdered, making Ev the Duke of Camden. The shy duke meets a matchmaking beauty of the ton who, while unsuited to be his duchess, promises to help Ev find an appropriate woman to become his wife.Lady Adalyn Goulding is not easily intimidated and is a leader in Polite Society, occasionally matching couples together. Her cousin, Tessa, has made a love match and has a new baby, causing Adalyn to rethink her stance on marriage.When she agrees to find a stodgy duke a bride who is dignified and unapproachable, Adalyn has no idea what she’s in for—especially after the dull duke kisses her—and she finds he’s not quite what he seems.Will Ev convince Addie that she is everything he wants—and didn’t know he needed?Find the answer in bestselling author Alexa Aston’s Debating with the Duke, the second book in Second Sons of London.Each book in Second Sons of London is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.Second Sons of LondonEducated by the EarlDebating with the DukeEmpowered by the EarlMade for the MarquessDubious about the DukeValued by the ViscountMeant for the Marquess
Alexa Aston has written another outstanding love story. I enjoyed this book very much and found it very intriguing. I would recommend it to anyone.
Made for a great read.Would recommend for light reading. Good plot .Easy to follow and had one of the best endings.
After having read the first in this series, I couldn’t resist getting and reading the second, and now I can’t wait for the next one. I highly recommend this book and this author and the series Second Sons Of London.
Through hell, high water, or even scandal, Duke of Camden was determined to make Lady Adalyn his duchess. While he was successful, it turned out to be bitter-sweet for quite some time until the couple could work out their differences. Sadly, most of the problems seem to lie with things the duke has said or blunders he has made that spur Lady Adalyn to act a certain way.At the beginning of the book, the Duke of Camden may be your least favorite character in all of the regency genre. The Arrogant man goes on and on at the beginning about how he doesn’t think Lady Adalyn would suit with him or make a great duchess. She simply would not fit the role he had concocted in his head. Some things he says and thinks are downright awful. But in the classic and incredible writing style of Alexa Aston, she takes this despicable character and redeems him with love. You are almost falling in love with him yourself by the end of the book.This romance novel has some steamy moments. I read this book through Kindle Unlimited. These thoughts and opinions are my own.
Sloppy writing, stiff dialogue, conversational title mistakes and introductions, along with one dimensional male characters make this flighty attempt of a story just annoyingly silly. Adalyn, our heroine, however, is well-drawn, likable, and rather refreshing from first meeting and has great dimension and personality, hence the two stars. But the flat hero mixed with a heroine who is determined to be her own woman are a terrible mismatch and make the book feel awkward and unbalanced. She needs a strong male counterpart with some personality, someone who is less cardboard and not so flat he might as well be dead. Hard to get through and wincingly bad and stiff in far too many places.
This title is all wrong! There is no”debating” in this book at all! I am glad that Ev and Addie finally settled their thoughts and that Ev decided to declare his love for Addie openly at the ball – even though he was shy. He was thinking of HER and not himself- which is what I’ve discovered shyness is – thinking about oneself! (And I used to be shy when I was much younger myself!I’m glad there wasn’t too much evil from “bad” people in this story – just gross misunderstandings!


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