Deceit in Paradise By Deborah Brown

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Deceit in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series Book 25) By Deborah Brown


Book/Novel Author: Deborah Brown

Book/Novel Title: Deceit in Paradise



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When Madison Westin’s phone rings before dawn, it usually means something smelly has hit the fan, and today is no exception.Young Kyle Dow wants out of his sketchy job as a snitch. But the thugs holding his leash aren’t about to let him go without a little help from Tarpon Cove’s resident do-gooder. Only this time, it’s not Madison. It’s her bestie, Fabiana Merceau.Unfortunately, the kid is as tight-lipped as a Florida Keys clam about his past. Digging too deep risks stirring up the kind of bottom-feeders that give Madison and Fab’s men, Creole and Didier, premature gray hair. But when have the girls ever shied away from a little trouble? That’d be never.You can bet your slightly used pontoon boat that when the past comes back, aka big-time trouble that it could not only bite Madison and Fab in the back but the friends who stuck out their necks to help.
Love this series and Deborah has a hit on her hands. If you are looking for a great read pick up the first book in this Florida Keys Mystery series! Hold on for an exciting ride through all 25 books! Thanks for keeping them coming!
Love all the characters, love the story lines, waiting for kiddos for Fab and Madison… and maybe a serious girlfriend for Kevin…
This has been a great series of books! There was never a dull moment and the author came up with some great story lines. You should read the entire series in order, but you can also read each book on it’s own. Wish there were more books to get a closure for some of the other main characters. Will I read this series again – you get I will. Even knowing how it turns out it will still be fun set of stories.
Once again Deborah Brown knocks it out if the ballpark! I love the trouble Fab and Madison get into…and the craziness of their lives!
I have read every single book in this series. Always entertaining and suspenful. Not a stressful suspense, entriguing. Keep em coming!
The entire series is a fun and fantastic read. The characters are all so wonderful. I would recommend this to all who enjoy a series that keeps the characters going with each book. Can hardly wait for the next one!


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4.9/5309 ratings