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DECKER: Changing the Play By Kayley Loring


Book/Novel Author: Kayley Loring

Book/Novel Title: DECKER



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#12 Johnny Decker. Star quarterback for the Boston Tomcats. Two-time Super Bowl MVP…a decade ago. Nickname: Decker the Panty Wrecker.I get tackled for a living by men who are built like rhinos. I could take the wings off a fly with a football from 30 yards away. (I wouldn’t, but I could.) Being a veteran quarterback means I’m a mentally alert, fine-tuned athletic machine who can make split-second decisions.It’s my job to anticipate what’s going to happen next and adapt. But I couldn’t have anticipated the death of our beloved team owner.His estranged daughter Hannah Strong is a finance nerd from New York. She knows less than nothing about football. Know what she didn’t anticipate? Inheriting the Boston Tomcats.She’s stubborn, uptight, infuriating, and wrong about absolutely everything—from pizza to how to run my team. And I don’t want to talk about how good she looks in a skirt. Or daydream about how good she’d look out of it.Really, I don’t.I’m not Decker the Panty Wrecker anymore—I’ve changed.I can’t stop arguing with her.Or thinking about her.I thought I had a winning play.But Hannah Strong changed everything.* This is a standalone first-in-series 79,000 word enemies-to-lovers, funny, steamy sports romance.
The book is a little predictable because of the premise of a young female owner who does not know or like football and an aging experienced gifted QB as the romantic leads, but the story shows the heroine going from a whiny snobbish emotionally stunted individual to a self confident professional football team owner. The audiobook brings the story to life and I hope this couple reappears in later installments of this series.
I really enjoyed the collaboration between Kayley Loring and Connor Crais in creating this charming, fun, and steamy forbidden romance! Hannah is an uptight, finance whiz from New York. She knows nothing about football when she inherits the Boston Tomcats’ football team when her estranged father suddenly dies. When she arrives in Boston, she does everything wrong, starting with her unintentional misstep with their star quarterback. Decker is focused on football and taking his team all the way. He doesn’t have time for an owner that doesn’t know a thing about running their organization. But there is something about this quirky, sexy woman, who doesn’t back down from a challenge, that calls to him. They soon challenge each other and Decker ends up teaching Hannah about football. She’s is a quick learner, and that is even hotter to him and they can’t help but act on their fiery attraction. The more time they spend together, the more their hearts become invested. But when Decker starts getting hurt, and trades need to be made, will business get in the way and threaten to break both their hearts? I loved this heartwarming, fun & flirty, and steamy romance! It has everything I crave, including witty banter, a moving story, and lots a smoking hot passion. You will laugh, swoon, and cheer for Decker and Hannah to have their HEA. I always look forward to a great ending and epilogue and this one made me completely happy. I loved the amazing narration by Mackenzie Cartwright, and Connor Crais, along with supporting performances by Ava Lucas and Ron Butler. All of these very talented narrators kept me completely engaged as they brought this delightfully irresistible, and steamy romantic story to life.
ALC review : Im not a football fan. Not a football romance fan. LOVED this football rom-com by Kayley Loring and Connor Crais now my favorite writing duo! Non stop laughter, sweet sexy times and just a pinch of angst made this HEA just perfect. MacKenzie and Connor are the new official gods of banter in charge of all things snarky ! Loved it
I have been a fan of Kayley Loring since reading the first book in her Holiday series, A Very Bossy Christmas. She is, without a doubt, a one-click, no-hesitation-to-buy-the-book author for me. I’m also a lover of all books in the sports romance troupe, so I may have giggled at the fact that she was teaming up with one of my favorite narrators to write a professional football series! Kayley and Connor writing together is just seamless! They are steamy, witty, flirty and heartwarmingly-heartbreaking. But, like all KayLo books- There is ALWAYS a Happily Ever After, so don’t lose hope! This story tugs at my heart for Hannah as a girl that feels like she was forgotten about for most of her childhood, so I may have a biased opinion, but Decker helps heal her. No man is perfect, and all relationships take work. But this story also shines the spotlight on the fact that being a celebrity while trying to figure yourself out isn’t the easiest road to navigate. As for the narration- 20/10!! Love me so Ava Lucas!! I’ve never heard from Ron Butler before, but he was amazing in the supporting characters and I look forward to listening to him in the future! Mackenzie Cartwright and Connor Crais do such an amazing job expressing their raw emotions and excitement throughout the entire story. In my opinion, you could tell that this was a special job for Connor- he crushed it! All in all, I just love this story, and I hope everyone else does, too! Happy reading/listening!
~*~ Audio Review ~*~ I loved every moment of Decker and Hannah’s book. Kayley and Connor writing really flowed together and they gave us a fun and sexy story that I didn’t want to put down. Hannah finds herself in new territory when she inherits her fathers football team after the fathers sudden death. Johnny Decker is the star quarterback of the team and gives Hannah crap every time he can. I found myself laughing out loud several times. Despite their constant fighting these two have great chemistry and I love that the way he helped her navigating her new world in football. The audiobook made it so much more fun and it was performed in duet. Mackenzie Cartwright and Connor were perfect at bringing Hannah and Decker to life and I loved the back and forth they had in the text messages. Ava Lucas and Ron Butler were wonderful additions as Hannah and Decker’s best friends and additional characters. This was a great sports romance and I am looking forward to more of Kayley and Connor’s writing.
I’m honestly running out of words to say about Kayley’s books. Seriously, I have no more. And now to add Connor to the mix? Just… More please. I am so glad this is only book one and there will be more. That’s it. That’s all I got. Go read this. Just do it. It’s amazing, and you won’t regret it.


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