Deep Sleep By Steven Konkoly

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Deep Sleep (Devin Gray Book 1) By Steven Konkoly


Book/Novel Author: Steven Konkoly

Book/Novel Title: Deep Sleep



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Stopping the most dangerous conspiracy to ever threaten America means believing the unthinkable in an explosive novel by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Steven Konkoly.Countersurveillance expert Devin Gray is unwittingly thrown headfirst into dangerous new territory after the death of his mother. Helen Gray, a paranoid and disgraced former CIA officer, believed she was on the verge of preventing a national catastrophe—a mission worth dying for. Others, including Devin, believe she was chasing delusions. Until he finds what she left behind.With the help of longtime friend and former Marine helicopter pilot Marnie Young and a loyal team of covert operatives Helen summoned just before her death, Devin is propelled into a high-stakes chase across the country. What he uncovers, clue by clue, is a conspiracy more widespread and insidious than anyone could have imagined.Now it’s Devin’s mission to destroy a covert network poised to deliver a fatal blow to the future of the United States. And also to vindicate his mother, by seeing the mission through to its treacherous end.
Only someone who has been there can spin a tale as good as this one. Rich in fact and layers of plausibility. Characters that create a tale compelling me to keep reading.

Fiction with contemporary historical events interspersed. An intriguing story with well drawn characters. Lots of players but well portrayed and identifiable. A great read. I will try more of Steven Konkoly’s writing. A great read
After sticking with it till the end—there was no end. Reader is left with no resolution until—when? November? Would have been 5 *s if I wasn’t on the edge of my seat.
This book is full of twists and turns. It’s hard to keep track of all the characters some of the time but definitely a good read.
Exciting well researched book. Written with a true knowledge of the equipment and tactics involved in involved in the events of the book. Very hard to put this book down. I want to hear the rest of the story.


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