Defending Britta Stein By Ronald H. Balson

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Defending Britta Stein: A Novel (Liam Taggart and Catherine Lockhart Book 6) By Ronald H. Balson


Book/Novel Author: Ronald H. Balson

Book/Novel Title: Defending Britta Stein



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One of Newsweek’s 20 New Books to Cozy Up With this FallDefending Britta Stein is a story of bravery, betrayal, and redemption—from Ronald H. Balson, the winner of the National Jewish Book AwardChicago, 2018: Ole Henryks, a popular restauranteur, is set to be honored by the Danish/American Association for his many civic and charitable contributions. Frequently appearing on local TV, he is well known for his actions in Nazi-occupied Denmark during World War II—most consider him a hero.Britta Stein, however, does not. The ninety-year-old Chicago woman levels public accusations against Henryks by spray-painting “Coward,” “Traitor,” “Collaborator,” and “War Criminal” on the walls of his restaurant. Mrs. Stein is ultimately taken into custody and charged with criminal defacement of property. She also becomes the target of a bitter lawsuit filed by Henryks and his son, accusing her of defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.Attorney Catherine Lockhart, though hesitant at first, agrees to take up Mrs. Stein’s defense. With the help of her investigator husband, Liam Taggart, Lockhart must reach back into wartime Denmark and locate evidence that proves Mrs. Stein’s innocence. Defending Britta Stein is critically-acclaimed author Ronald H. Balson’s thrilling take on a modern day courtroom drama, and a masterful rendition of Denmark’s wartime heroics.Read more
very interesting,educational book. You feel the pain and the writer meticulously carried you through this story…I couldn’t put it down
I read this book in two days because I couldn’t put it down. It was excellent. I have read two other books by this author and enjoyed them immensely
Thanks for the eye opening history of Denmark. I never knew their role in WW 11. My history stopped by saying they were neutral. They were anything but neutral
I have been reading Mr. Balson’s books since his first “Once We Were Brothers”, which is still one of my favorite books.But this book was very hard to finish and a difficult slow start which took me to page 70 before the storyline interested me.I think Mr. Balson missed the opportunity to tell the story of Denmark to his readers.A different setting was needed instead of his typical court trial.I liked learning about the situation in Denmark duringWW2, but wish the book had not dragged on and on.I have read all his books& wish I could give this book a better rating.
Let me say I like this author but not this book.The plot centers on 2 people over 90 years old and what happened over 70 years before during the Nazi invasion of Denmark.As other reviewers have stated it’s like we’ve read this book before. Baston needs to get fresh material.He’s a talented writer but it doesn’t show in this book.It’s slow boring no WOW moments. As a matter of fact the best part was when I finished it.IMHO I say skip it save your money.If you are looking for some super WWII Resistance books may I suggest the following:The Room on Rue Amelie by Kristin HarmelDragonfly by Leila MeachamThe Paris Secretby Natash LesterA Fire Sparkling by Julliane MacLeanThese books were great andI highly recommend them.
A Danish restauranteur, Ole Hendryks, is about to be honored by a local association for his civic activities and record as a Danish hero in WWII, rescuing Jews, when a 90-year old woman is arrested for spray-painting epithets on the walls of his restaurant: traitor, liar, Nazi collaborator. and charitable contributions. Frequently appearing on local TV, he is well known for his actions in Nazi-occupied Denmark during World War II—most consider him a hero. A showboating lawyer files a $5 million defamation lawsuit, and Britta Stein welcomes the lawsuit and court fight. One of Catherine Lockhart’s former law mentors asks her to help, as Britta is the grandmother of one of his rising attorneys. Reminiscent of Karolina’s Twins, Britta tells a very long story of how the Danes kept their national identity during the Nazi occupation, with the majority opposing the occupation, working together to undermine the Germans, and to rescue their Jewish citizens. Her father was in Parliament, and her sister and brother-in-law active in the resistance. Excellent investigative support by Liam (again) and a well-executed legal strategy, especially in light of Britta’s failing health as the trial commences. Another gem by Balson, and especially strong pictorial of the righteous Danes in a dark part of history.


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