Delphi Diversion By Bob Blanton

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Delphi Diversion (Delphi in Space Book 12) By Bob Blanton


Book/Novel Author: Bob Blanton

Book/Novel Title: Delphi Diversion



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Catie is on her way back to Earth after having settled the Fazulan slaves when the wormhole her ship is traveling in collapses. They are diverted to another system where big chunks are flying around. They rescue a ship and find themselves in the middle of a series of mysteries. Catie resigns herself to continuing her role as Princess Catie and helping these people solve their problems so that this new system can join the Delphi League. And Catie gets exactly what she asked for.
As the series moves along, it is more about the characters than space battles or science fiction. That’s just fine, as the characters are easy to love and care about. I’ve truly enjoyed this series, especially as its tone provides a nice break from some of the everything-goes-wrong-and-people-are-always-dying style of many other SF series I read each year.I read about 80,000 pages of SF/F a year via Kindle Unlimited focusing on books in a series. There are some series where it takes me a couple chapter to remember what all is going on. This series is not one of those. It’s memorable enough, and the character development is good enough, that I’m back in the saddle within the first 2-3 pages.
This book was as good/fun/entertaining as book 11. I enjoyed it so much I have started binge reading the series. Unless the author can come up with an exceptional plot twist. I think this series is only good for one more book to tie lose ends.up
I have really enjoyed the series and the incremental growth of the main people. It seems this book has setup a future encounter with a potentially advanced civilization. One thing that would be interesting is how they handle not being able to settle things without fighting. In each of the main encounters it always seems that someone on the other side turns at the right moment and helps them, what if that does not happen? I really enjoy all the investigations, lead up and interactions, but the payoff is kind of short. Would love to see this part expanded. Having said that, will keep reading the series and have enjoyed all 12 books to this point.
Picks up the story where book 11 ends.Catie and the crew get knocked out of their wormhole into an unknown planetary system and discover a ship in distress.The action takes off from there.Well written with interesting world building.A great read.
This was a much better effort then the last book. This one has a good flow and has a destination in mind.
Delphi to the rescue again. Facebook gets a mention. Twitter gets a mention. Alien abduction gets a mention. . .


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