Delphi Envoy By Bob Blanton

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Delphi Envoy (Delphi in Space Book 14) By Bob Blanton


Book/Novel Author: Bob Blanton

Book/Novel Title: Delphi Envoy



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Catie finally gets to go visit all the other civilizations known to the Paraxians. She is supposed to get them to join the Delphi League. But things don’t go as smoothly as she expects. For some reason, there’s resistance to anything she does. Come along and help Catie uncover the secrets on Aperanje.
I have fun reading about Vague and her group Also I love the way you portray the ma hints ions of the politicians and others.
These are reasonably well-written for the genre. The storyline is getting tired. Somewhere after the first few books, the focus shifted to the then pre-teen daughter of one of the initial protagonists.What we now have is a coming-of-age story that really appears to be aimed at the YA audience. So if I were to recommend the book, it would be to someone in their early teens.I’ll be giving up after this one. It’s time.
Woke business 101.5 Star = I reread the book from time to time.4 Star = Enjoyable, worth paying for.3 Star = Pass the time at the DMV or airport terminal.2 Star = Don’t. Just don’t.
This book was a great read . The book was full of adventure and had some I didn’t see that coming. Every time I started to read this book I found it hard to put down. It’s best to read the whole series from the start and then you get the big picture of what’s going on.
I truly wish that the Sakira had landed here in my youth. I would have been one of their first crewmen! Just love this stuff.
I’ve enjoyed this whole series and the 14th was just as great as it’s predecessors. Looking forward to #15 and beyond.


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4.9/5309 ratings