Delphi Forge By Bob Blanton

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Delphi Forge (Delphi in Space Book 13) By Bob Blanton


Book/Novel Author: Bob Blanton

Book/Novel Title: Delphi Forge



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After ADI informs the board, that with the stress of the new planets in the League, they will run out of platinum metals, Catie is asked to build a starbase so in another star system so they can have a reliable source. Of course, nothing is ever simple, and Catie has to struggle with those who’s personal greed puts everyone at risk.
I just finished the 13 books in the series and can’t wait for more! I sincerely hope Mr. Blanton has a lot more stories to tell in Delphi in Space!
Monotonous. All just another day in the life of Princess Catie. The book was at 75% done when she encountered her first crisis, and that was easily disposed of.
I have enjoyed all 13 of the Delphi in space books. I am 69 and still like a good thriller. The sub plots in Delphi Forge had me hooked from the first chapter to the last. Everyone should read this book. Look forward to the next book.
I know this is fiction because nothing in real life is ever that easy over and over, again and again. Still the characters are fun to follow, a character listing would be nice.
The whole series so far has been great . I loved the storyline and the way there is a little action in every book. Can’t wait for the next one.
Just finished book 13 and will be going for the next one. The story is great and it does have aliens, tech that makes you think and the characters are good.


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