Demons in My Bed By Britt Andrews

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Demons in My Bed: Exposing The Exiled (Demons of Port Black Book 1) By Britt Andrews


Book/Novel Author: Britt Andrews

Book/Novel Title: Demons in My Bed



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Port Black – a dark and sinister city abandoned to The Exiled, a gang of unhinged and psychotic demons who have claimed it as their own. And it just so happens to be the location of my first solo mission. As a trained agent of Montague Industries, it’s my job to keep innocents safe. The Exiled are a threat that needs to be neutralized, and I’m ready for battle. With an invitation to their depraved nightclub in hand, a leather corset wrapped around my torso and a mask complete with tall bunny ears, these demons aren’t going to be able to resist me. The only problem? I wasn’t expecting their brand of insanity to be so… exasperatingly delicious.I might look like a snack to these males – who have been apex predators for far too long – but I assure you, I’m nobody’s prey. I’m going to expose the demons of Port Black, and then?Then they will beg for mercy that will never come. Demons in My Bed is the first in a new series from the bestselling author of Emerald Lakes. These characters were introduced in The Magic of Eternity, but it is not necessary to read this before diving into Port Black. This novel contains adult situations, graphic sexual scenes and MM content. Please check trigger warnings.
I loved this book, but I did get frustrated with all the secrets. Rhodes was very annoying with the way he treated the MC. Asrael is a very curious character and I can’t wait to find out more about him
I brought this book looking for a wild fantasy to escape the real world, and it didn’t disappoint—everything I needed. This is my first book in this genre, and I love it. Seriously, you can’t go wrong.The plot is awesome, well written and filled with sass and spice. I quickly realized that reading this in the work break room was not the appropriate place to continue, so with great reluctance, I bookmarked and waited for the day to end, retreating to my bedroom and binged the whole thing. Now I’m sad and annoyed at myself for not pacing, but it was just that good!Though all our boys are hot, I’ve fallen completely in love with Misha, crushing badly on Jasper, and I’m re-reading building theories. The characters are brilliant, and that cliffhanger Britt Andrews what have you done to me? You complete tease!I’m sad I have to wait but looking forward to the next book, I might combust with excitement when the time comes. Pre-ordered straight away and joined the fan group.Britt, you have a fan for life, and I am currently indulging in Emerald Lakes. Much love!

I have read The Emerald Lake series and loved them but this book might take the cake!! I mean who doesn’t love a foul mouthed female who can kick ass, and then have The Exiled obsessed within a matter of a day lol. Amazing start to a new series and I cannot wait until book 2 gets here!! Excellent book
I hate having to wait but was so worth it! Sooo good! Very steamy & exciting! Lots of action, plot twists and psycho characters.
I love the new cover on this book. So much so that I signed up for a signed paperback for it. I’ve read a lot of books with Demons and this one has become my favorite for now. Palmer is a [email protected]$& fmc. She’s a great character and I hope she learns about Asrael. So many questions I just need the answers to. That cliffhanger!!!! Gah… can’t wait for book 2.


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