Demon’s Throne 3 By K.D. Robertson

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Demon’s Throne 3 By K.D. Robertson


Book/Novel Author: K.D. Robertson

Book/Novel Title: Demon’s Throne 3



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Hell knows that Rys is awake, and his old employers are keen to enforce his original contract. But there’s a key difference between now and the last time he worked for them.They’re stuck in Hell while he reigns in Harrium. He has no plans to serve his former masters.But despite the infernal powers circling him like vultures, Rys has unfinished business he needs to resolve. The Malus League retreated to lick its wounds after their confrontation with him, but he lacked the power to crush them once and for all. That needs to change and to do that he must reinforce his armies and construct alliances.If only the foxes from abroad would stop meddling in his affairs. Rys has enough on his plate without it being smothered in fluffy tails all the time.Demon’s Throne is an empire-building series with violence, undefined relationships, beast girls, and scenes that don’t fade to black. Consider yourself warned.

Excellent reversals, solid worldbuilding.And the character growth is great, too.I’m looking forward to delving deeper into the labarynth.
This book answers well very little while weaving an interesting storyline of half truths, myths and ancient legends. It’s a nicely convoluted story that intrigues rather then frustrates, very well written and leaves you wanting more as any good author does, but very few manage. MORE.
I love this series, the world building and the all the kingdoms the are in it are just fantastic. Not to mention the main character Rhys is just fascinating. I can’t wait for the next one.
i enjoyed the book and the storyline the continuation of the plot keeps you enthralled.My kind of story.


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