Den of Monsters By Avery Song

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Den of Monsters : Masquerade of Sin – A Monster Romance Standalone (Devils Serenade Book 1) By Avery Song


Book/Novel Author: Avery Song

Book/Novel Title: Den of Monsters



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I woke to the soothing sound of a peaceful serenade.Except there’s nothing peaceful about being kidnapped after being sold to the Devils of Sin.This never should have happened, because I did everything right. I accepted the invitation, attended the masquerade in the depth of the forsaken forest, and danced with whomever requested. The longer one remains, the more debt is cleared from the family name, so I danced through the night.I survived to the final note — and let me emphasize the “survive” part — but I’m starting to realize where the real problem lies. I didn’t dance with one suitor…I danced with five Devils, and each immediately laid a claim on me.Joaquin. Talon. Dagger. Croix. Creed.Now here I am, kidnapped and held for ransom by sick men with bigger debts and troubles than my bankrupt family and their dark organization combined, but I’m no damsel in distress.I’m actually stalling.There’s a rumor that the Devils of Sin are dangerous men of royal stature during the day and ruthless monsters at the peak of the night. I want to see them again…to touch and enjoy the illusions that left me panting for more.I’m willing to enter the den of monsters to escape the true demons lurking in the shadows of desperation. All in exchange for my freedom.DEN OF MONSTERS is a steamy 187,000+ words STANDALONE.This reverse harem monster romance is filled with possessive monsters with a hint of psychosis, a badass FMC who may be even crazier, and loads of “bump in the dark” heated scenes that will make one blush in public – literally. Note that these den of sinister monsters can do various “things” with their bodies, so be warned. All sexual encounters are consensual.
I generally don’t quit a book even when I think it’s a hot mess, but this is one of the rare cases where I physically cannot bring myself to finish. Not even close to the middle of the book, I had to put away. The prologue kind of drew me in, but there is fanfiction with that level of raunchiness that’s written better. In the first couple of chapters, I’m completely taken out of the story because of the flat characters, the annoying protagonist, the incomprehensible tropes and plot devices slapped together, and the, frankly, ridiculous way the main female character relates and is related to others. The smut in the first few pages aren’t awful, but they’re handled rather poorly and come off as disjointed, childish, and completely disconnect with the first chapter where the “story” is supposed to take off. Right off the bat, I can see where the story is going, at least in the sense that I’ve seen some of these tropes previously enough to predict what’s going to happen next. Coming across tropes is inevitable in writing, but it should not be so obvious to the audience that they already know within the first few pages where it’s going. The smut wasn’t even worth it.
I so want to dive into this world more! Can’t wait for more in this series! Please! Please! Please! My Sinful Maiden wants to explore these delicious monsters!
I don’t know how I feel about this book. At first, I was so confused so I kept reading to figure out what was going on. Then the ending, was like “Wow I never saw that coming”. This is an interesting book if you need your head in a massive puzzle with a sinful twist.
This book was not what I was expecting. It went beyond my expectations. It was definitely different such a great read.
First I want to say the author has amazing ideas! I did DNF at chapter 16. Unfortunately I feel like there were a lot of great ideas smashed together without a lot of details that would have made for a great story. It felt like it moved too quickly without giving the reader a lot of vital information. Wonderful idea and I hope I enjoy future works by the author.
Loved it! It has been awhile since I have read such a wonderful book. So many twists and turns, ups and downs, so much fun! You go through so many emotions, but the most I felt was loyalty and love. Can’t wait for the next one! This is a must read!!!


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