Der Werwolf By Hyougetsu

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Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight Volume 11 By Hyougetsu


Book/Novel Author: Hyougetsu

Book/Novel Title: Der Werwolf



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After successfully assassinating Kuwol’s king, Zagar continues forward with his plans to seize control of the nation. Being the only one privy to Zagar’s scheme, it’s up to Veight to put a stop to it. Subtle attempts to thwart Zagar do little as Veight sees an inevitable confrontation on the horizon. The virtuous Black Werewolf King and the greedy mercenary captain soon come to blows, with the fate of Kuwol hanging in the balance. As if that wasn’t enough, a new Hero-creating device gets thrown into the mix, too!





4.9/5309 ratings