Desert Island By Olivia T. Turner

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Desert Island By Olivia T. Turner


Book/Novel Author: Olivia T. Turner

Book/Novel Title: Desert Island



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It’s been eight years since I’ve been stranded on this desert island.Eight long years of eating the same food, walking along the same beach, staring at the same trees all day long.It’s been boring as hell.But everything changes when a young beautiful girl washes up on my shore.Her plane crashed in the ocean.She’s stranded on the island now.This is my island and that means she belongs to me.I’ll never be bored again.Not with those delicious curves and that pretty face.This desert island just got a whole lot more interesting.With her here, it just became a paradise.  Bridget is about to learn the true meaning of paradise when she washes up on a desert island that’s home to a big growly alpha of a male who takes one look at her and claims that she’s now his.A safe, fun little escape, with double V-cards. Enjoy!
If you’re going to do insta love, you can skip most of the buildup; this book didn’t really get started until the 48% mark. Then just suspend disbelief that 2 virgins know how to have perfect sex right out the gate. The story was medium hot (explicit scenes, but short) once it got going, just not very nuanced.
Carson has been stranded on an island for years and is surprised to find a beautiful woman washing up on his beach. Bridget was flying on a cargo plane when it went down and she ended up on Carson’s island. They both fall for each other quickly and are happy to have found each other. What will happen when they get off the island?

Carson was sailing when his yacht went down and he ended up on a deserted island eight years ago. Bridget was flying freight when her plane went down. Washing ashore and finding a man there seemed against the odds when she crashed. The locale was very visual with the falls and beach. Likable characters, entertaining situations, great dialogue and some intrigue. The Bermuda Triangle holds many secrets. Great ending and an even better locale.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Carson was washed from a yacht during a storm. He managed to make it to a small deserted island.Bridget was flying a load of cargo when her instruments failed and her plane went down in the Bermuda Triangle. She washed up on a small deserted island. By this time, Carson had been on the island for eight yesrs.I’ll let you guess what the rest of the book is about.6
Definitely sensual in-depth moments!Keep it coming!I love you wanting to know what what’s up the good work!Keep me interest in the story line!


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