Dessert at The Beach House Hotel By Judith Keim

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Dessert at The Beach House Hotel By Judith Keim


Book/Novel Author: Judith Keim

Book/Novel Title: Dessert at The Beach House Hotel



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One favor deserves another, or does it?Against their better judgment, Ann and Rhonda agree to help a young girl in distress at the request of the vice-president of the United States, Amelia Swanson. After almost losing their lives because of an earlier request of hers, they plan on being more careful.Amanda Rogers was an intern for Senator Worthington’s office when she was drugged at a staff party and got pregnant. Now, alone without parental support, she and her friend, Jax Thomas, arrive at the hotel to wait out the last weeks of pregnancy in privacy. Senator Worthington and his wife want to adopt Mandy’s baby girl, but she’s made no promises. Jax would like to marry Mandy and raise the baby with her, but Mandy’s parents have made it clear that Jax deserves better than someone like her, and Mandy’s torn.After vowing not to interfere, Ann and Rhonda find it more and more difficult to stay neutral. But they have other things on their minds. Aubrey Lowell, who almost ruined The Beach House Hotel managing it, their old nemesis, Brock Goodwin, and a couple of others have opened a nearby hotel called The Sand Castle, a playground for the hip, and have every intention of destroying The Beach House Hotel, no matter what it takes.There is much to celebrate as happy news from both families and the hotel is shared by all. As Ann and Rhonda agree, life can sometimes be as sweet as one of Jean-Luc’s desserts at The Beach House Hotel.
Nice addition the the Beach House Series. Easy, yet interesting read. Enjoyed it. Hope to read any future additions that might be added to this series.
I want to visit the Beach House Hotel. It gets better and better each time I visit via a bestseller by the marvelous Judith Keim. Her descriptions throughout the book are so on point I can hear the waves and smell the salt while digging my toes into the sand. Annie and Rhonda are two ladies that I would love the be best friends with or at least have a margarita with them in the afternoons. Cinnamon buns abound and all that happens in the name of love are all the desserts at the Beach House Hotel.
Ms. Keim delivers another story filled with compassion towards a woman in need. The owners of the inn are balancing running the business, families, and now helping a young lady who needs care and friends. She finds it. A touching story that drew me in from chapter one.
LOVED this series and hate to see it end. Each book can stand alone. But the main characters reappear in all. MS Keim develops real well rounded personalities. I have read all of her books and enjoyed them all!!
Anne Sanders and Rhonda Grayson are friends, as well as partners in the eponymous Florida upmarket hotel. An unexpected phone call means the duo are asked to keep a ‘V(I)P’ secret. Who’s Amanda Rogers?Who stays at the hotel with her?The tension rises when two of their disgruntled former employees set up a rival business nearby, their landscaper’s feeling his age and Anne’s adult daughter is struggling to manage two jobs. What changes for the better?If you really want to know how the story ends, get your copy of Judith Keim’s excellent Dessert At the Beach House Hotel today – you’ll love it!
This book of the Beach Have house. Series has lots of curves and unexpected fun adventures for the two hotel owner -managets, you’ll enjoy adventure and more than a few happy ending


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