Destroyed Destiny By Mary Catherine Gebhard

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Destroyed Destiny (Crowne Point Book 4) By Mary Catherine Gebhard


Book/Novel Author: Mary Catherine Gebhard

Book/Novel Title: Destroyed Destiny

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“This book is a MUST READ of 2020. A perfect ending to this beautifully broken and timeless couple that will live with me long after I’m done.” @aundi_living_that_book_life Our love broke the rules.⁠⁠From the first stolen kiss to the last, destiny put us at odds.⁠⁠Now four hearts are crossed, our happily ever afters tangled in heartache.⁠⁠The bed I’m in doesn’t belong to my thorny prince, but the one holding his crown hostage.⁠⁠If my destiny with Grayson Crowne is divided, then we’ll spend a lifetime finding our happily ever after.⁠⁠But if a house divided never stands, then my destiny with Grayson never stood a chance….maybe we don’t need to find our destiny.⁠⁠We need to destroy it.⁠⁠As we fight to write happily ever after, the ugliest truth holds it captive.⁠⁠The princess has a destiny with the villain too.⁠⁠Even if she hates it.⁠⁠Even when it’s wrong.⁠Destroyed Destiny is the fourth book in the Crowne Point universe. You need to have read Stolen Soulmate and Forbidden Fate to read Destroyed Destiny.

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