Deviant Princess By Tracy Lorraine

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Deviant Princess: A Dark Mafia, High School Bully Romance (Knight’s Ridge Empire Book 5) By Tracy Lorraine


Book/Novel Author: Tracy Lorraine

Book/Novel Title: Deviant Princess



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USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tracy Lorraine brings you the next installment of her new dark mafia, high school bully romance series. I should have known better than to play with fire…I’d been burned by Theo Cirillo enough to know that I should have seen this coming.He loved to show me his merciless side, but I couldn’t stay away from the deviant even if I wanted to.A prisoner of my own making, playing a game without knowing all the rules. Until the lies he’d been telling, the secrets he’d been keeping began to unravel around us.He’s the only person I trusted with the truth about my past, but my confession was all for nothing.He never cared. He already knew.He was only manipulating me.Using me.I was nothing more than a job. A nut he had to crack.And he split me right open, but he’s about to get a shock because I’m not the kind of girl to roll over and take it.I’m Emmie Ramsey.And I’m about to make him pay for ever trying to play me.Dear reader,Deviant Princess is the second book in Emmie and Theo’s deviant trilogy and the fifth book in my dark mafia, high school romance series Knight’s Ridge Empire.
Role reversal or both characters are affected by the amount of alcohol they consume. Environments they live in allow too many privileges for seventeen year old high schoolers . Emmie is a whining mess in this book trying to prove something to herself since her life had been messed up for all her life. She is needy, lonely, horny and hung up on Theo. Author turns Theo into a wimp in this book which screws up the story in more ways than one. Conflict between motorcycle club and mafia is not explained yet another criminal group is introduced . Will read book three in hopes it will clear up the lose ends left by book two. Stalking and broken sexual behavior was a turnoff in this one.
I am low key (not so low key) obsessed with Theo and Emmie and they give Seb/Stella a run for their money for best couple in this series. Emmie really seems to come into her own strength this book as she comes to terms with what is happening around her and it is hilarious to watch Theo be brought along for the ride. Theo really redeemed himself this book too. He was just so cold the first book and a traditional alpha-hole but we got to see him fall head over heals for Emmie in this book and she just took him for a ride. That ending though just had me gasping! I was annoyed at Emmie and shocked by Theo that I just closed the book and could not process what just happened. I’m ready for book 3 and to see how their trilogy wrap ups!
I consumed this and the other books in the series like it was my job … beautiful storytelling interesting concept and character… heat that would rival the sun … all the elements coming together to make a truly captivating dark yet tender lovely story

What was that ending!! Need book 3 asap. I loved watching Theo’s “growth” in this book…seeing him stand up to his dad.


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