Devil’s Pass By Caroline Peckham

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Devil’s Pass: A Sinners’ Playground Prequel Novella (A Harlequin Crew Novella Book 1) By Caroline Peckham


Book/Novel Author: Caroline Peckham

Book/Novel Title: Devil’s Pass



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Ten years ago, The Harlequin Boys broke my heart.I thought my life was complete with them at my side, the five of us against the world, having each other’s backs no matter what the cost. I’d fight for them until my dying breath.It’s just a shame they didn’t feel the same.Once upon a time, my imperfect world shone bright with the light of four boys I would have killed for. This is the story of how they destroyed me.This is a 45k prequel novella to the Harlequin Crew series. These books have dark themes, violence, criminals, gangs, and an enemies to lovers romance that will make your heart pound, break it a little and then crush it beneath the boots of four black hearted men who our girl might just fall for anyway.


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