Diablo Mesa By Douglas Preston

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Diablo Mesa By Douglas Preston


Book/Novel Author: Douglas Preston

Book/Novel Title: Diablo Mesa



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#1 New York Times bestselling authors Preston & Child continue with the wildly popular series featuring archaeologist Nora Kelly and FBI Agent Corrie Swanson. Lucas Tappan, a wealthy and eccentric billionaire and founder of Icarus Space Systems, approaches the Santa Fe Archaeological Institute with an outlandish proposal—to finance a careful, scientific excavation of the Roswell Incident site, where a UFO is alleged to have crashed in 1947. A skeptical Nora Kelly, to her great annoyance, is tasked with the job. Nora’s excavation immediately uncovers two murder victims buried at the site, faces and hands obliterated with acid to erase their identities. Special Agent Corrie Swanson is assigned to the case. As Nora’s excavation proceeds, uncovering things both bizarre and seemingly inexplicable, Corrie’s homicide investigation throws open a Pandora’s box of espionage and violence, uncovering bloody traces of a powerful force that will stop at nothing to protect its secrets—and that threatens to engulf them all in an unimaginable fate.
Child and Preston never disappoint! Love all there books- looking forward to the next chapter and of course more Pendergast please!
Imaginative and suspenseful and at least they save the dog. I hate the way the bodies pile up in these stories. But the plot is good and it’s another notch in the belt of Preston and Child
After reading their latest novel non stop, I can hardly wait for the next one. The chemistry of these two never disappoints me.
A thoroughly enjoyable read! The authors weave facts and popular conspiracy theories into a narrative that makes you think. I can’t wait for the next edition of this series.
Great characters to work with, but muffed it again. Old Bones was fine, but every time the authors involve the military, they seem go to silly. Nora and Corey start off well, but go south quickly. They loose their genius and professionalism to become SciFi dingbats. I was very disappointed. Their last Pendergast book suffered the same fate of getting silly with the interaction of the main characters. Their forte has been to mix the real world with the gray world in such a way as to be believable. This was accomplished with smart, erudite, and tough professionals. They need to return to this approach– maybe GET A NEW EDITOR.
I enjoyed this book as I did the others. Exciting, and fascinating as usual. I can’t wait for the next one!


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