Diary of a True Alpha By CY Jones

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Diary of a True Alpha (Reformed Series Book 2) by CY Jones


Book/Novel Author: CY Jones

Book/Novel Title: Diary of a True Alpha



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I’ve reformed myself, I’ve sacrificed myself for the greater good, and now I’m in the devil’s playground. It turns out my father isn’t Satan afterall. No there’s worse monsters out there than him. Wolves from my father’s pack have gone missing, and there’s a big possibility my father is behind the whole thing. I shouldn’t be surprised, he did sell me, his only daughter to Axil Bloodmoon after all. Axil wants to break me, kill my mates, and make me his. Silly wolf. He will soon learn that I’m not the little lost girl with a red hood in this scenario but the one and only True Alpha 18+ Contains certain triggers





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