Disrupting the Duke By Alexa Aston

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Disrupting the Duke (Dukes Done Wrong Book 3) By Alexa Aston


Book/Novel Author: Alexa Aston

Book/Novel Title: Disrupting the Duke



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Accused of something they never did. Five boys banished from their homes in disgrace, to the place where they find the brothers of their heart—and build new family ties that will last a lifetime.A brash army major who surprisingly becomes a duke. A lady who has no interest in ever wedding. An attraction that leads to passion . . . and love . . .Cool, moody, and irresistible Donovan Martin finds himself the new Duke of Haverhill after his father and brother drown in a carriage accident. The womanizing Donovan decides to work his way through the numerous beauty of the ton because he has no intention of settling down. Until he encounters a most unusual woman—who informs him she never plans to wed.Wynter Day wants to maintain her independence and never become subservient to any man. Besides, no man has ever sparked her interest romantically. Then the new Duke of Haverhill crashes into her life, causing Wynter to reconsider her stance on marriage.A sprained ankle brings the pair closer together, with Wynter spending the Christmas holidays with Donovan and his friends. Sparks ignite and Donovan sees a future with Wynter. Then tragedy strikes, separating the couple, perhaps for good.Will their stubbornness keep them apart—or will Donovan and Wynter let go of the ghosts of the past and take a chance on love?Find the answer in Disrupting the Duke, Book 3 in Dukes Done Wrong.Each book in Dukes Done Wrong is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order and can be read for free in Kindle Unlimited.Dukes Done WrongBook #1: Discouraging the DukeBook #2: Deflecting the DukeBook #3: Disrupting the DukeBook #4: Delighting the DukeBook #5: Destiny with a DukeRead more
I loved the story of the terrors meeting and the laying friendships. The romance between Donovan and Winter was romantic.
I’m enjoying this series so much!!I can’t wait for the next read, keep ‘em coming waiting for the story of Finch
Donovan and Wynter are both satisfied with their lives as they are, but they learn to accept the disruptions that come their way.
Nice little love story.No drama until the end and it was to bring the two to the foregone conclusion.
This third in the Dukes Done Wrong series takes a different path. Fun characters, interesting plot twists, great love story.
I am enjoying this series. This one is about Donovan who has just become a Major when he finds out he is a duke. His beloved brother has drowned with his father in a carriage accident. Wynter who is a neighbor to the family and Donovan fall in love but she is not wanting to marry and be controlled by a husband. Can he convince her to change her mind?


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