Dmitry Nikolaev By Naomi West

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Dmitry Nikolaev: A Russian Mafia Romance (Nikolaev Bratva Book 1) By Naomi West


Book/Novel Author: Naomi West

Book/Novel Title: Dmitry Nikolaev



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I’m locked in a cage in my wedding dress.How did I end up here?Three days ago, I was a normal girl living a normal life.My adoptive parents came over to my apartment for dinner, just like they do every week.But this time, they brought bombshells.They tell me I’m not who they said I was.And all those dance lessons, those etiquette classes? They weren’t just for show.They were to groom me.To mold me into what I’m about to become.The forced wife of a don.Then, with my jaw on the floor, they opened the door and let the nightmares in.My new husband doesn’t love me—he makes that clear the moment we meet.I’m trapped in his world for one purpose and one purpose only:To be his wife and have his babies.Running won’t help.Crying won’t help.The only thing that will?Submitting.DMITRY NIKOLAEV is Book 1 in the Nikolaev Bratva trilogy. The story of the Nikolaev brothers continues in Book 2, GAVRIIL NIKOLAEV.
I really enjoyed this book. A really good plot with strong characters. I didn’t give the book a 5 rating for the lack of detail in tell the ending of the book. I could easily see a few more chapters at the end with more in depth plot. So much went into how the characters came together, then suddenly its a 11 months later. I don’t want to give away any details. I liked the book enough to read the second in the series and hope the ending isn’t rushed.
One of the worst rape, call it what it is, non-consent-stories I have ever had the displeasure of reading. The entire story makes the male lead unlikable and unrelateable. He’s a horrible person from day one. And this entire, she says no but really wants it crap. A little bit of that is teasing fun, but that’s not what is happening here. She was a well rounded stable individual and suddenly her personality is completely changed. I would have more believed her to bide her time and stab him in his sleep. The amount of hatred his abuse should cause would never morph into true love.
Neither one was happy about the arranged marriage, but time together combined with lots of fighting led to something real.
Dmitry and Shannon story is totally sweet and dark at the same time. The marriage is an arranged marriage. The first time they met is totally a surprised because Shannon is a fighter. She’s smart and fully equipped to take a man down. Dmitry is totally unprepared for her. He thought that he can marry her then set her aside but their chemistry is off the roof when they are together Love all the extra characters. Bad guys and blood shed .. Revenge.. The ending is quite a surprised.. Can’t wait to the next book…
Dmitry is part of the Bratva and finds out he is supposed to marry Shannon, a woman he’s never met in person. Shannon is adopted and living her life until her parents tell her she’s expected to marry a mob boss and have his children. All the lessons and things were to groom Shannon to be a mafia wife. Dmitry makes it clear that he doesn’t care about her and only wants the proper wife and children from the marriage. .I received a copy of this book via Booksprout and am leaving a review.
Dmitry Nikolaev is book one in the N8kolaev Bratva by Naomi West. This is the first book of Ms Wests I’ve read. I have really enjoyed this beginning book to the Bratva world Ms. West has created.


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