Do It! Speaking By David Newman

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Do It! Speaking: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Market, Monetize, and Maximize Your Expertise By David Newman


Book/Novel Author: David Newman

Book/Novel Title: Do It! Speaking



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**Discover the principles, practices, and insider secrets of paid professional speaking success in 77 instant-access “microchapters” that will help you market your smarts, monetize your message, and dramatically expand your reach and revenue.** For thought-leading CEOs, executives, consultants, and entrepreneurs, the true test of your personal brand comes down to one simple question: When you open your mouth, do people listen?  Regardless of the speaking venue: in person, via livestream, in broadcast media, on podcasts, or at national conferences and industry events, the powerful articulation of your value, relevance, and impact is what makes experts stand out. But where do you start when you’re trying to build your speaking platform? *Do It! Speaking* shows you the inside track on marketing, positioning, packaging, prospecting, outreach, sales, and how to get more and better speaking gigs on behalf of your company, your brand, and yourself. This book is the definitive guide on * How to develop your speaking-driven revenue streams * How to quickly commercialize your knowledge in today’s economy * How to bolster your visibility, credibility, and bank account * How to become a better messenger of your company’s message and dominate your marketplace





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