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Do Me a Favor By Jessa Kane


Book/Novel Author: Jessa Kane

Book/Novel Title: Do Me a Favor



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Posy has reached the height of her ballet career, but if you ask her coach, she is merely mediocre and distracted by the male dancers, which couldn’t be further from the truth. But her coach won’t listen. Instead, he drags her—still dressed in a tutu and pointe shoes—to his reclusive brother’s door, located in an abandoned warehouse. One night with wild eyed Smith should cure her of any interest in romance, says Posy’s coach, as he locks her inside a room with a monster…and a mattress. TW: Brief, non-consensual themes.
This is a quick hot and steamy read. It pushes the boundaries and lines of consent some, so is on the darker side. It gets into things very quickly and this is pretty much insta love and I enjoyed reading it. It’s what I was looking for when I read it.
I’ve read and reviewed a few of Jessa Kane’s releases over the last year and have always found them wildly interesting and deliciously boundary pushing. This one though…. Well, this one for many may push far beyond boundaries they can endure as “Do Me a Favor”, creates an instant aura of abuse and depravity right from the very first page. And while I took it for what it was, another of Kane’s trademark over-the-top possessive yet redemption filled love stories, it will definitely strike an “oh hell no” chord in some readers and even had me raising an eyebrow in a few spots.Here with the story of Posy, Baker, and Smith, Kane frames a dark tale of a prima ballerina’s coach willing to do whatever it takes to achieve greatness from his dancing progeny, regardless of the cost to either of them. It is the abusive tale of Posy, a young orphan and ballerina desperate to make something of herself via the art she loves. A naive woman not fully versed in the way of the world, and often unaware of how she is being used and abused by the men around her, especially her ballet coach Baker, an evil man who hides behind the weaker people in his life to further his own needs and career. A man so evil he uses his very own brother, Smith, to launch a plan to make Posy less flirty with the boys in the dance troupe and force her to focus only on what he needs her to do in time for her lead performance. A performance Baker is counting on her for to make a name for himself and subsequently bring money rolling into his wallet. A performance he decides to use his brother Baker to help him ensure. A brother he has also viciously used throughout his life and is another unaware victim of Baker’s manipulative ways.What follows is a winding, and at times confusing tale of overcoming evil and finding love in very, very unexpected places. One in which we find Smith thrust into a role where he is expected to carry out an eventual sexual assault based on his brother’s lifelong grooming and “break” Posy in a way Smith deems necessary in order for her to perform at the highest level of her craft. Yet when Posy and Smith are actually thrust together in his tiny warehouse apartment things go sideways when they both realize not all is as it seems. It is a rage filled story ripe with doubt, angst and simmering sexual tension. And as with most books by Kane, this one is fast paced and intense, with enough boundary pushing, sex filled scenarios to set you aflame. However, some may also find this one pushing too far, especially given overarching theme of sexual assault.Personally, I found it inline with other books written by this author and wasn’t bothered by the ominous atmosphere. Although I do wish Smith wasn’t written to appear as such a dunce (although I do understand why he is written this way). In the end I didn’t hate this one, it was interesting enough and a quick read overall. However, for those easily offended or squeamish about violent events, I would say skip this one as it is full to bursting with very dark and triggering themes.
Read with KU subscriptionIf you’ve read Jessa Kane’s books, you already know you’re getting a story that’s fast and dirty. In this book, a cruel coach drags his star ballerina, Posy, to lock her in a small space with his unstable brother, Smith. It’s a punishment that makes no sense, but it doesn’t have to because it’s just a plot to move the erotica along. Like quite a few of Kane’s MMCs, Smith has trouble staying in control around Posy. They are both virgins, but Smith really knows how to take it to Posy, if you know what I mean.Initially, I was a bit worried about the mental state of Smith because Kane has written at least one MMC as being so emotionally unstable that when the FMC left him he spiraled into a suicidal state. As I wrote then, her stories are too short and unbelievable to delve into that kind of situation and vowed that I would stop reading her if she did it again. Her choice, but also my choice. Thankfully, Smith was simply her usual over the top MMC going “crazy“ because of how much he loves and lusts after Posy. I realize someone may be asking what’s the difference, but there really is one.Posy is the somewhat typical Kane FMC in that she is innocent, sweet, loyal, and, though shocked by it, ready to match the MMC‘s sexual desires.Most of the short story takes place in one room. The sex is rough, although with no spanking, and the talk is amazingly filthy. The Daddy/little girl role-playing relationship is confined to the dirty talking. No sign of it out of bed, but he is the usual protective alpha in all parts of their life.If you already like this author, you probably will like this. If you don’t know this author, but like fast and filthy, you should give it a try to see if this is a an author that you will like.
Another good short read. I love Jessa Kane. She always knows how to start and end a good hot sexy love story.
This is a insta love / lust of a ballerina whose coach forces her to spend the night with his brother who hasn’t been around society for many years. One look at Posy and he is all in and never wants her to leave his side! Posy is scared at first but then falls fast for this jaded man.If you don’t love aggressive, pushy men, and take what they want when they see their women… then don’t read this.If you do then you will love this story.
This one was a bit darker and different then I was expecting. But it still somehow worked for me. It’s sexy and a bit sad. It’s really kind of mind blowing how Jessa is able to suck you in and give you a well rounded story in so few pages! This one is spicy and a touch dark and forbidden.


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